This week's calls include: a field on fire, a skateboard hit by a car and a shower switcharoo.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 391 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, June 15

• Police responded to a location where a man accidentally shot himself in the leg while cleaning his gun. He was transported to a nearby hospital.

• A caller reported a man carrying a golf club along Highway 47 had set a field on fire. Police and fire both responded to the scene and found a field burning. Officers conducted an area check and found a man matching the description. He was arrested for arson.

• A swing shift officer spotted an occupied stolen vehicle in a shopping center parking lot. Officers contacted the driver and located several items inside the car that did not belong to the driver or the registered owner, as well as a stolen trailer. The man was arrested.

Saturday, June 16

• Officers assisted Washington County sheriff's deputies at a four-vehicle, head-on collision along Baseline Street.

• A caller reported a domestic disturbance outside a restaurant along Pacific Avenue. Officers found a man and woman engaged in a heated argument. The couple agreed to quiet down and resume their discussion at home.

• A bartender called police to report a patron had stolen his backpack. Officers located a rather intoxicated man who matched the bartender's description, but was not in possession of the allegedly stolen items. Officers eventually located the bag back at the bar in the hands of the bartender's girlfriend.

Sunday, June 17

• A caller reported a shirtless man running down Main Street, screaming and acting erratically. Officers found a very drunk, initially unresponsive man covered in scratches and abrasions lying in some bushes in a park. The man admitted to drinking and was taken to a detox center. On arrival, though, the man threatened a staff member and his evening accommodations were changed to the Washington County Jail.

• A restaurant reported a strange woman in the bathroom blaring music and flushing the toilet an inordinate number of times, possibly associated with a needle that had been found in the area. A woman matching the description was located nearby; she was trespassed from the location.

Monday, June 18

• A caller reported that several pinecones had piled up on the sidewalk in front of a vacant house creating a safety hazard.

• A man contacted police after he had crashed on his skateboard sending it into the street where it was subsequently run over by a car. Officers explained that, while unfortunate, no crime had taken place.

• A caller reported a man walking down Pacific Avenue holding his hand like a gun and pointing it at people.

Tuesday, June 19

• Police contacted a group of teens who were seen in the clubhouse of a local home owners' association allegedly smoking and clogging up a sink and toilet. Officers learned that one of the youths was a resident of the community. Further, officers found no evidence of damage to the plumbing. The group was advised to "behave."

• A patrol officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and discovered the driver had a suspended license while a passenger had multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest. The driver was cited, the passenger was taken to jail.

Wednesday, June 20

• A man reported that a woman staying in his home had stolen money from his wallet after agreeing to take a shower with him. On police contact, the man decided he would rather attempt to get the money back himself.

• A caller reported they had sent a check to a major computer company after receiving a phone call stating their computer was infected with viruses. Fortunately the caller was able to cancel the check in time. This is a common scam, major computer companies do not monitor individual computers.

• Police received a report of a motorcycle rider doing wheelies along Pacific Avenue, further advising that the rider was probably from California. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Thursday, June 21

• A caller reported seeing a driver who bore a striking resemblance to Willie Nelson driving a dune buggy and spinning tires along Maple Street. Police were unable to locate the vehicle but did consider that it may be on the road again.

• A night shift officer spotted a man known to have an outstanding felony warrant walking through town in the early morning hours. The man was found in possession of methamphetamine and arrested without incident.

• A caller reported a man living in a bus shelter at a busy intersection in process of preparing lunch, reportedly stating to the caller that he wanted to die. Officers were unable to locate the man.

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