This week's calls include: key details, an unusual use of hand sanitizer and a crushed bucket.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 454 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, June 22

• A caller reported that a man had been standing outside a business for several hours looking for squirrels. Officers located the man and advised him to move along, which he did without incident.

• A patrol officer stopped a man riding a motorized skateboard near downtown in the middle of the night. The man was found to have an outstanding felony warrant and was arrested.

• A woman called police to report a possible burglar in her residence after hearing someone walking around her downstairs area. The alleged culprit turned out to be the woman's teen daughter, who had just arrived from a trip.

Saturday, June 23

• A caller reported a suspicious person came into their residence in the night, helped themselves to the refrigerator, and left in an unknown direction. Officers were unable to locate anyone matching the description.

• While on patrol, an officer witnessed a little girl fall off her bike. The officer promptly employed his first aid skills and provided a Band-Aid.

• Police responded to a report of a physical altercation between a man and woman outside a residence. On contact, the couple told police they did not want any action taken; they were advised to quiet down.

Sunday, June 24

• A man contacted police after receiving numerous death threats via text and voicemail. Officers are investigating.

• A fast-food restaurant reported an intoxicated patron starting fights with other customers. Police located the man and he was trespassed from the location.

• A caller reported that an acquaintance had taken a key to her apartment and returned it a concerning amount of time later, further suggesting a copy of the key had been made. After a brief investigation, officers determined the case to be less about a key and more about a personal dispute between the individuals. No evidence of a crime was found.

Monday, June 25

• Police received a report of a man smearing hand sanitizer on his face after being denied use of the restroom at City Hall. He eventually left on foot, was located a few blocks away, and advised the officer he was on his way out of town but needed a pit stop prior. He went on his way without incident.

• Night shift officers responded to a local bar where multiple individuals were reportedly embroiled in a physical altercation. All parties had left prior to police arrival.

• Police received an anonymous tip that a man associated with several stolen vehicles was at an area residence. Officers set up containment, and a K-9 unit ultimately located the man hiding in a tree. The man was arrested without further incident.

Tuesday, June 26

• A night shift officer spotted a woman with a known outstanding warrant sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle near a bar. She was arrested. Officers located the driver of the vehicle hiding in the women's restroom of the bar. A search of the vehicle yielded a significant amount of drug paraphernalia; the driver was also arrested.

• A caller reported that they were being blackmailed by a person on social media who allegedly had video of the caller engaged in sexual acts. Officers are investigating.

• A caller reported two noticeably intoxicated men at a bus stop who were requesting the caller buy them alcohol. Officers contacted the pair, who were indeed drunk, but were able to take care of themselves. They got on a bus out of town.

Wednesday, June 27

• A day shift officer located a man with an outstanding warrant skateboarding along Main Street. He was arrested.

• A caller reported a shirtless man who appeared to be having trouble keeping his pants up walking along Pacific Avenue. Officers located no one matching the description.

• A night shift officer stopped a vehicle for a possible DUII on the edge of town. The driver was not drunk, but did have an outstanding warrant. He was arrested.

Thursday, June 28

• A caller reported that their neighbor ran over a bucket they were using to wash their car and had yelled mean things at them when the caller told them to slow down.

• Police assisted a woman who reported that phone scammers were following her around town and may be at her residence waiting for her. An officer did an area check and found no one at the address, further advising that scammers sometimes use scare tactics to trick victims into sending money.

• A caller reported a small child running around the back side of a building. Officers were unable to locate any juveniles in the area.

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