This week's calls include: a flipped minivan, too many packages and an unwise detour.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 508 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, June 29

• A caller reported that their neighbors were in an argument that seemed to be escalating. Officers contacted the resident, who was engaged in a heated phone conversation. The resident was encouraged to use a lower volume.

• Officers contacted a woman seen face-down in the grass alongside a busy road. The woman explained that she was simply taking a nap in the sunshine. She was asked to move along.

• Police responded to a shopping center where two men were allegedly fighting over a road rage incident that had happened just prior. Officers were unable to locate one party who reportedly left prior to police arrival.

Saturday, June 30

• A man called police after a woman removed his laundry from a community washing machine so that she could wash her clothes. Officers explained that it was a civil matter.

• A caller reported finding a human hand, likely from an infant, in a grassy area in a neighborhood. Officers located the rubber hand of a doll tangled in dried weeds.

• Police received multiple calls about a possible crash along Highway 47. Officers located a minivan that had flipped into a field; police determined the driver had likely been speeding along a cross street, failed to stop at the intersection and crossed the highway. The driver was transported to the hospital, where a blood test revealed her BAC to be over the limit. She was subsequently taken to jail for DUII and reckless driving.

Sunday, July 1

• Officers assisted Washington County deputies who had stopped a vehicle for DUII along Pacific Avenue. The driver was arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs and possession of methamphetamine.

• A caller reported several juveniles smoking marijuana by the bathrooms in a park. Officers found a group of adult subjects who were smoking cigarettes. They were advised to move to a different location.

• Police responded to a restaurant where a man was reported screaming violently and grabbing other customers. Officers found the subject to be deaf and there was a misunderstanding about his order. The man got his food and subsequently left the location.

Monday, July 2

• A woman reported that a man was "talking smack" to her and started playing with a knife as he walked away from the conversation. Officers learned that no actual threats had been made but agreed to talk to the subject if located. Officers found no one in the area matching the description.

• A man called police to report their roommate was receiving and sending an inordinate amount of packages and is possibly the victim of a scam. Officers are investigating.

• Police received a report of a man allegedly throwing things and urinating on cars in a hotel parking lot. Officers found no one in the area matching the description.

Tuesday, July 3

• A caller reported a vehicle driving around a neighborhood revving the engine and smoking tires in the middle of the night. Officers did find burnout marks on the streets nearby, but they were unable to locate the vehicle.

• Police located an elderly woman in a powered wheelchair who reportedly crashed headlong into a ditch. With the help of Forest Grove Fire & Rescue, the woman was rescued from the ditch and transported to the hospital.

• A woman reported a man had stolen a starter to her vehicle. As officers looked into the incident, they determined the starter was likely not stolen but that the woman had an issue with the man she was accusing. Police advised the pair it was a civil matter.

Wednesday, July 4

• Police contacted a woman who had stumbled into a residential area, her face, arms and legs covered in lacerations. The woman was rather intoxicated and had become lost after attempting to walk home from a friend's residence, and she had taken a detour through several blackberry brambles. She declined medical assistance and was eventually transported to a sober friend's location.

• North Plains police and Washington County deputies tipped off Forest Grove officers that a potentially drunk driver was headed into town from Gales Creek. Officers located and were able to stop the vehicle; the driver was arrested for DUII.

• A caller reported several men acting strangely around a car stuck in a ditch, chasing off other cars with a baseball bat. Officers contacted three very intoxicated men, who were initially aggressive, but they found no evidence of any criminal behavior. One man, however, was taken into custody for violating a no-alcohol stipulation on his probation.

Thursday, July 5

• Officers responded to a two-vehicle crash in the parking lot of an auto-detailing business.

• Police contacted a man who was reportedly driving recklessly in a powered wheelchair. He was advised to drive safely.

• A property-owner reported that a renter had been evicted but had failed to move out and was leaving cigarettes around the yard. Officers advised the caller on options for landlord-tenant disputes.

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