This week's calls include: a bad trip, missing and forged placards, and shot trees.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 473 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Aug. 17

• Police are investigating a hit-and-run in which a vehicle struck a speed sign and a small tree, leaving behind pieces of the car.

• A caller reported that a woman was dancing and singing to herself in the parking lot of an apartment complex. On police contact, the woman provided no information to officers, but did provide them with a performance suggesting she was likely using illicit substances. Officers ultimately learned her identity and placed her under arrest for use of a controlled substance, a violation of her probation.

• Police were called after unknown persons entered a residence and stole jewelry. A witness was able to provide vehicle information which proved useful later in the day when a separate call came in about vehicle matching the same description associated with an attempted burglary in progress at a location near the original call. Police located the alleged culprit inside the vehicle; she was arrested on multiple charges, including an outstanding felony warrant.

Saturday, Aug. 18

• Officers were asked to check on a man passed out and breathing slowly along 19th Avenue. The man told police repeatedly he wanted to go to jail, which was denied as he had committed no crimes. He was escorted back home. Officers were called to check on the same man again after he reportedly broke a window and was seen rolling around a parking lot. He was taken into custody on a peace officer hold and transported to the hospital.

• A caller reported their neighbor was punching and kicking things and "freaking out." Officers contacted the neighbor, who smoked marijuana for the first time in a long while and was having a bad reaction. He refused medical assistance; no crime had been committed.

Sunday, Aug. 19

• Night shift officers responded to the scene of a traffic crash along Elm Street and learned on arrival that the occupants had fled the location. Police set up a perimeter around the area and a K-9 unit tracked the suspects through the neighborhood. Both driver and passenger were successfully located and transported to the hospital for evaluation. They were subsequently arrested on multiple charges, including DUII.

• A woman reported that a vehicle was parked in a disabled parking spot with its doors open, music playing and no displayed disabled parking placard. Police found several suspicious items inside the vehicle, as well as the keys in the ignition, and learned the suspected driver of the vehicle had an outstanding warrant. He was located inside the location and arrested.

• A caller reported what appeared to be three individuals vandalizing the signage at a local park. Officers located a trio of juveniles matching the description nearby. Citations for criminal mischief, minor in possession and curfew violations were issued.

Monday, Aug. 20

• Officers located a man walking outside of a grocery store and business complex where he had previously been trespassed. The man also demonstrated exactly what he'd do for a Klondike bar, as a stolen package of the frozen treat was found in his possession. He was arrested.

• A caller reported a man was attempting to steal the gates off of a new subdivision property. A photo of the man and his vehicle ultimately led officers to the suspect who was cited for attempted theft and trespass.

• A woman reported that a man was pounding on her vehicle with a bat. Police found the man in question using a small wooden dowel to tap on a window and no damage to the vehicle; both parties had been engaged in an argument over a driving incident. Both were advised to go their separate ways, which they did.

Tuesday, Aug. 21

• A staff member reported that a man walked into the Aquatic Center and helped himself to another person's shoes and T-shirt and left on a bike. Officers located a man matching the description at a shopping center where he had been previously trespassed. He was arrested for theft and criminal trespass.

• Police contacted a couple engaged in a heated domestic dispute in a shopping center parking lot. Initially, the pair failed to understand that fighting in a public place was problematic. However, after officers provided warnings about disorderly conduct, the couple agreed to move along. They were also trespassed from the location.

Wednesday, Aug. 22

• Officers located a suspicious parked vehicle with no plates, an obviously forged trip permit in the back window and a visibly damaged ignition. Police conducted an area check and located two individuals and a sizable bag of suspected methamphetamine in plain sight. A consent search further yielded drug paraphernalia in the engine compartment. Citations were copiously distributed.

• A swing shift officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and noted yet another forged trip permit in the back window, and further learned the driver was driving with a suspended license. The driver received a plethora of citations.

• A caller reported hearing shots fired near a park. Officers located two intoxicated individuals armed with a gun and knife; they were briefly detained. Police ultimately determined the gun to be a BB gun that the pair were using to shoot trees at the park. They were cited and released.

Thursday, Aug. 23

• A man came into the police station to turn himself in on an outstanding warrant. When he was informed that he did not, in fact, have a warrant, he quite adamantly insisted he did and insisted on being taken to jail. He was advised to contact his probation officer.

• A store employee reported that a man was outside the establishment harassing customers. Officers contacted the man who stated he had been in an argument with employees regarding bottle returns. He was advised to leave, which he did without incident.

• Police received multiple reports of vehicle break-ins and stolen items overnight. Officers are investigating.

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