This week's calls include: drug-fueled visions, an unwelcome visit by a neighbor and playing in traffic.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 504 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Aug. 31

• Police received multiple calls regarding a man screaming, running around, and acting erratically while carrying a baby. Officers contacted the man, who offered an explanation that indicated possible substance abuse. The man admitted to using methamphetamine and was arrested for disorderly conduct; the baby was returned to its mother.

• A patrol officer stopped a driver after he nearly crashed head-on into the patrol car while going the wrong way down Pacific Avenue. The driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

• Officers responded to a medical center where a man was reportedly beating on the door and making threats to injure one of the doctors. Police arrested the man for disorderly conduct.

Saturday, Sept. 1

• A caller reported a man was inside a laundromat screaming and harassing patrons. Officers located a man matching the description at a store nearby. He was trespassed from the laundry facility.

• Police responded to a location where a man had reportedly taken a dangerous amount of medication, experienced hallucinations and barricaded himself in a bathroom. The door was kicked down and the man taken into custody on a peace officer hold.

• A man called police to report that his neighbor had pointed a gun at him after he made a visit to the neighbor's apartment while not wearing any pants. The neighbor was alarmed at finding a half-naked man at the door and pulled out a pellet gun. The man advised he had forgotten he wasn't fully dressed. Officers found no evidence of a crime.

Sunday, Sept. 2

• A store employee reported a man had ran out the door carrying two packs of beer. While en route to the store, officers received a call of a group of juveniles drinking alcohol near the train tracks in the vicinity. Police located three youths and one adult man matching the description of the alleged thief. The man was cited for theft and the teens released to their parents.

• A woman reported a possible drug transaction outside a secondhand store. Police found the pair had exchanged a closed bottle of Old English and some lamb meat for the man's mobile grill.

• A caller reported a man attempting to pull a woman out of a vehicle alongside a busy road. Officers arrived and found the couple had been engaged in a verbal argument, but that the hasty exit was caused by hot ashes from the woman's cigarette falling into her lap.

Monday, Sept. 3

• Police contacted a man who was seen wearing a headlamp and a backpack and carrying an assault rifle at a busy intersection. The man told police he was training for an upcoming exercise, and officers found no evidence of anything criminal.

• A patrol officer stopped a driver for speeding through a reduced speed zone along Highway 47, and for passing in a no passing zone. He was taken into custody on suspicion of DUII and later found to be at more than twice the legal limit.

• 911 dispatchers requested officers check on a man who had made vaguely suicidal statements amidst unintelligible ramblings on a call. Police found a highly intoxicated man with whom they had already previously dealt with earlier in the day sitting on his porch listening to a police scanner. The man denied any desire to harm himself and was advised to cease calling police unless there was an emergency.

Tuesday, Sept. 4

• A patrol officer witnessed a woman leaving a store at a fast pace, clutching her purse in a suspicious manner. An employee exited the store shortly after, stating the woman had stolen several items. Police contacted the woman and found the loot, as well as a usable amount of heroin. She was arrested.

• A caller reported several young children in the street possibly playing "chicken" with cars. On police contact, the children all broke into tears and protested that they were doing nothing wrong. Officers chatted with the youths about safety and advised the kids' less-than-pleased parents.

• A woman called police after a friend to whom she had loaned her debit card went on a large spending spree, rather than purchasing needed medications as originally discussed. Officers are investigating.

Wednesday, Sept. 5

• A caller reported a man at a secondhand store threw items, started stripping off his clothes and began chanting in an unsettling manner. Officers located a fully clothed man matching the description in the area, and no evidence of anything criminal.

• Police were called to a local hotel where a client and clerk were engaged in a dispute over the hotel's internet not functioning well enough in the patron's room. Officers attempted to mediate, to no avail, and the pair were advised to seek a civil remedy.

Thursday, Sept. 6

• Police received several calls from different locations about a man throwing knives at trees. The man was advised to leave the area.

• A gas station reported that a driver left the location with the hose still attached to her car. The woman remained on scene, and officers assisted with insurance information exchange.

• Officers arrested a man on an outstanding felony warrant after he was reported menacing several people with a firearm inside a trailer.

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