This week's calls include: a bad reaction, a food fight and 'racist' vandalism.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 528 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Sept. 7

• A woman called police to inquire as to whether she could use ant spray, rather than mace or pepper spray, against someone she didn't like if they showed up at her residence. She was advised against the use of pesticides.

• Police contacted a man seen attempting to obtain entry into a vehicle using a coat hanger. The man was the registered owner and had locked his keys inside.

• Officers were interviewing a man outside his trailer about an incident that had happened the day prior when a man with an outstanding warrant stumbled out of the vehicle. He was arrested.

Saturday, Sept. 8

• A bar employee reported a man who had previously been trespassed at the location. Officers located and arrested the man, but while on scene located a woman who was wanted for beating a bartender at a different establishment. She was also arrested.

• A woman reported the theft of her wallet from a table at a busy restaurant.

• A store employee reported that a man who had been trespassed from the location was on the property and allegedly shoplifting. Officers contacted the man, who was not shoplifting and not the man he was believed to be.

Sunday, Sept. 9

• A caller reported a man in her front yard throwing items and exhibiting signs of intoxication. Officers found the man was having a bad reaction to seizure medication. He was transported to the hospital.

• Police responded to a location where a fight had broken out between multiple juveniles. On arrival, another subject was seen running from the scene. Officers were able to determine the altercation stemmed from the fleeing suspect allegedly breaking into one of the other's vehicles. A K-9 unit was successful in tracking the suspect to a shed where he was found hiding. He was referred to juvenile services on multiple charges.

• A woman reported that her neighbor's boyfriend punched through a wall. Officers contacted the couple and found a broken plant, but no evidence of a physical altercation. The boyfriend was trespassed from the location and given a bus pass out of town.

Monday, Sept. 10

• Police contacted a man who was reportedly throwing items and otherwise creating a scene at a residential location. He was advised to move along, which he did without incident; however, the same man was located several blocks away later in the day lying unresponsive on the ground. He was taken to a detox facility.

• Officers were called to a local restaurant to help resolve a dispute over payment for the meals.

• A caller reported a woman sitting inside a small vehicle near a dumpster along Main Street that suspiciously took off when the caller made eye contact, suggesting police may be looking for her. They weren't.

Tuesday, Sept. 11

• Police responded to an argument at a restaurant between a man and woman over one rather intoxicated party knocking food out of the other's hand. Police advised both separate for the night; the intoxicated party was given a courtesy transport back to their residence.

• A patrol officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and found the driver had an outstanding warrant. He was arrested.

• A caller reported that the word "racist" had been keyed into the tailgate of his truck. Officers are investigating.

Wednesday, Sept. 12

• A fast food restaurant reported that a woman had spent an inordinate amount of time inside the restroom and had scattered her belongings throughout the stalls. She was asked to clean up and leave and was trespassed from the location.

• A man reported his neighbor curses at him on a regular basis. He was advised to contact his landlord.

• A store employee reported a woman sleeping in her car in the parking lot after hours. Police found the woman who stated her car had broken down. Police assisted in helping her get a tow.

Thursday, Sept. 13

• A business manager reported that a recently fired employee was refusing to return a set of keys for the business. An officer was able to persuade the employee to cooperate and the keys were returned.

• Police received a report of a vehicle driving erratically along Pacific Avenue that quickly pulled into a restaurant parking lot. Officers contacted the man who showed no sign of impairment, but did find evidence he spilled his beverage which affected his driving.

• A caller reported a man came to their house to collect hundreds of dollars the caller's deceased parent allegedly owed him. Officers contacted the man, trespassed him from the location and educated the man extensively regarding harassment.

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