This week's calls include: alleged shooting threats, stolen campaign signs and a skateboard attack.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 531 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Sept. 14

• Officers received a tip that a man with several outstanding warrants was in Forest Grove visiting his girlfriend. A consent search yielded a digital scale, several hundred small baggies, a large amount of cash, needles, and drugs. He was arrested on multiple charges. The girlfriend was subsequently arrested for violating her probation.

• A caller reported that he had purchased meat from a door-to-door salesman with whom he had been in email contact, and his email was now mysteriously locked. Officers were unable to determine anything criminal had taken place or any connection between the email and the meat salesman.

• A restaurant employee reported that an intoxicated customer was told to leave and responded by threatening to shoot employees and other patrons. Police officers found the man did not have a gun, but they arrested him for menacing.

Saturday, Sept. 15

• A caller reported a suspicious-looking person crawled through a fence at a residence on the east end of town. Police contacted the man, who lived at the location.

• Police were called to an assisted living community parking lot where two individuals were seen looking into cars with flashlights. Officers located no one in the area or any evidence of attempted entry into vehicles.

• Police received multiple calls about two individuals causing a disturbance with signs and microphones at the annual Chalk Art Festival. Officers arrived and observed no violations or crimes.

Sunday, Sept. 16

• Forest Grove police assisted Cornelius deputies in tracking down a vehicle that had reportedly sped through the construction zone, through red lights and into a mobile home park, where it managed to elude officers. Police found the vehicle abandoned nearby and were unable to locate the driver. Officers are investigating.

• Police were asked to perform a welfare check on a man wandering Main Street complaining of pain. The man told police that he was fine, but he advised his teeth hurt because he doesn't brush them.

• A caller reported a man in a ski mask running in front of her car while she was coming home late at night, and shortly thereafter, she found the back window to her house open. Officers are investigating.

Monday, Sept. 17

• Police responded to a location from which an incomplete 911 call had originated. On arrival, the officer faintly heard a woman yelling for help. The officer forced entry into the home and found an elderly woman had fallen and was unable to get up. She was taken in for medical evaluation.

• A caller reported that several campaign signs for a particular candidate had been either broken or stolen from around town. Officers are investigating.

• Officers responded to a residence where a man who had been previously trespassed had returned. On arrival, police saw the man flee from the location on foot; after a short pursuit, the man was taken into custody.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

• Police responded to a scuffle between two women at their residence. Police found no injuries and advised both parties to go their separate ways to cool down.

• A man reported that he was being kicked out of a hotel where he had paid for several days stay. The hotel explained that the man had caused damage to the room on a previous stay and was no longer welcome. The man was told to move along.

• Police received multiple calls about a suspicious person, possibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, seen walking through a neighborhood allegedly attempting to steal items. Officers located the man, who gave conflicting stories as to why he was in the area, but police found no evidence of anything criminal.

Wednesday, Sept. 19

• A woman reported hearing footsteps outside of her house and that her dog appeared to be reacting to something outside. Officers checked the property and did not locate anyone or anything suspicious.

• A patrol officer stopped a vehicle for driving erratically and found the driver not only to be intoxicated, but in possession of a large amount of drug paraphernalia. He was arrested.

Thursday, Sept. 20

• Police received a report of several suspicious juveniles smoking in their vehicle in a parking lot. Officers located a group of 30-somethings who were simply attempting to apprehend Pokémon.

• A patrol officer spotted a man known to police exit a gun shop and learned the man was attempting to sell a suspiciously large amount of ammunition to the store. After a brief investigation, the man admitted to stealing the cache from a friend and was further found to be in possession of methamphetamine and cocaine. He was arrested.

• A caller reported that a man threw his skateboard at their vehicle, damaging it, and then fled the scene on foot. Police contained the area, and a K-9 was able to track the man to some bushes where he was found hiding. He was arrested on multiple charges.

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