This week's calls include: a light going on and off, frustration over a yard sign, and 'aggressive' salesmen.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 517 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Sept. 21

• A citizen called to report a person sitting in a vehicle that was doing drugs. The person was contacted and officers discovered the person was smoking a cigarette while preparing to move their vehicle.

• A citizen called to report that "someone" had kicked in their door and threw glass at them. It was found that the citizen had been evicted and the owners of the property had removed the door. It was also determined that this incident had occurred in a different jurisdiction, and the citizen was advised to contact the appropriate agency.

• Forest Grove Fire & Rescue requested police assistance with a patient who had hit their head at a local watering hole. The person had become so intoxicated that they had fallen off their stool, and there was no criminal activity afoot.

Saturday, Sept. 22

• Officers responded to a suspicious circumstance in which a citizen reported that someone was shaking their trailer and the back door was open. Police contacted the citizen, who appeared to be under the influence of narcotics and was talking about people being inside a residence because a light was going on and off. It turned out he was seeing a security light activated with a motion sensor.

• Officers responded to a sports facility where a subject known to have mental health issues had wandered onto the field and sat down in a Gator. The subject was refusing to move. The subject left prior to officers' arrival; however, he was contacted and trespassed from the facility.

Sunday, Sept. 23

• An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. While the officer was preparing a citation, the passenger called 9-1-1 to report that the officer was harassing the driver by stopping them. The passenger was issued a citation for the improper use of 9-1-1.

• A citizen called to report a verbal argument with another citizen, a distant relative, whom they believed was harassing them due to a prior altercation. The citizen was eventually calmed down and advised that seeing someone at a coffee shop does not mean they are harassing them.

• Officers contacted a military veteran who was experiencing combat stress-related issues. An officer who is a combat veteran spoke to the citizen and made some recommendations. The citizen was provided with the officer's business card so they can speak in the future if necessary.

Monday, Sept. 24

• Officers responded to a domestic dispute in which one spouse had locked the other spouse out of the residence. The spouse who had locked the door wanted their spouse arrested for forcing entry into the residence. The officers on scene tried to explain the realities of the situation when the subject walked away.

• A citizen called to report a female was outside of their residence and yelling at nobody. The subject was contacted and was waiting for family members. The subject was provided with a bus pass. This was one of three calls for this person on this date.

• A local merchant reported that a subject had taken items from the business. A review of the surveillance video by officers did not indicate theft had occurred.

Tuesday, Sept. 25

• Police responded to a two-vehicle crash at Cedar Street and Pacific Avenue where one vehicle had rolled onto its top. Injuries were minor, and both drivers claimed that their light was green.

• A citizen called to report that a person had walked into a local meeting place and started making food and then walked out. Officers contacted the subject, who had apparently created a macaroni and cheese soup. A bowl from the establishment was returned, and the subject was released at the establishment's request due to the subject's mental health.

• A citizen contacted the department regarding a political sign in the neighbor's yard that blocks her view. The citizen had spoken to the city as well and was unhappy with both responses. The sign did not appear to violate any city ordinance.

Wednesday, Sept. 26

• An astute officer located a vehicle at a local hotel with the wrong license plates on it and a male associated with it. The male was identified and arrested for three outstanding warrants. During the course of the investigation, the male's girlfriend, who was hiding in a hotel room, was coaxed out and arrested on an outstanding warrant as well.

• Officers received a call regarding a salesman who did not seem legitimate while demonstrating a product. This was a continuation of several calls received the prior day about aggressive vacuum cleaner salesman.

Thursday, Sept. 27

• An officer responded to a narcotics overdose where the person had been released from jail that very day. Officers administered naloxone (Narcan) and the patient came to. The subject was transported to an area hospital.

• A citizen called regarding a dog tied to a vehicle. The citizen told police that they were going to take the dog if police did not show up. The animal was checked and had shade and water available. The caller was advised of laws pertaining to the theft of animals.

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