This week's calls include: an intoxicated teen, a suspicious DMV form and biting over a pipe.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 561 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Sept. 28

• A caller reported a suspicious knock on her door late at night and someone standing near her window. The following morning, she said, she found a note on her fence warning her about keeping her dogs quiet. She was advised to call police immediately should it happen again.

• Swing shift officers were informed that a man was attempting to open vehicles parked along 19th Avenue. While looking for the suspect, a teen matching the description ran from bushes near the fire station parking lot. He was eventually detained and found to be extremely intoxicated. Police found no evidence he had made entry into any vehicles; he was referred to juvenile services as a minor in possession.

• Night shift officers contacted a man seen stumbling along Pacific Avenue, possibly intoxicated. Officers located the man lying face-down on the ground; he was transported to a detox facility.

Saturday, Sept. 29

• During a traffic stop, a woman gave police a DMV Notice of Transaction Form that had a suspicious amount of white-out over important details, as well as a mismatched VIN and license plate. The woman stated that the form had been given to her in that condition. Officers advised the woman about the possibility of forgery and possession of a forged instrument. An investigation is underway.

• A caller reported their girlfriend had cut herself with a knife and made suicidal statements. Officers responded to the initial location provided but found no one at that address. They eventually located the girlfriend's address and found no one at home, but did find evidence of a possible suicide attempt. Officers looked for the woman for several hours using cellphone technology and other investigative tools and ultimately were able to contact the woman at a park. She was taken into protective custody and transported for medical evaluation. In all, Forest Grove police responded to six suicide attempts or threats of attempted suicide during the week.

Sunday, Sept. 30

• Police contacted a man who knowingly went to a property from which he had been previously trespassed and arrested. The man explained that a police officer had given him permission to enter the property earlier in the day. Unfortunately, the man used the name of an officer who was not working that particular day. The man was taken to jail.

• A woman reported that some juveniles had used white-out to draw pictures of male genitalia on her rock wall.

• A caller reported a pickup truck "dumped" a dog on the side of the road and then sped off. Police were unable to locate the truck or driver; the dog was transported to the Bonnie L. Hays Animal Shelter in Hillsboro.

Monday, Oct. 1

• A caller on the west side of town reported seeing a cougar flee the scene of a dead deer.

• Police were called to a possible domestic disturbance where a man and his ex-wife were arguing over music being too loud and the woman allegedly stealing the man's hat. Police advised the couple to quiet down and stay away from one another for the night.

• A night shift officer stopped a man for a pedestrian violation after he was seen wandering suspiciously along Pacific Avenue. He was found to have an outstanding felony warrant and subsequently arrested.

Tuesday, Oct. 2

• A memory care community reported a resident had become physically violent, pulled the fire alarm and attempted to leave the secured location. On arrival, police found that no one had actually witnessed the alleged outburst; staff was advised to call police if the individual became violent.

• Officers broke up a fight between a man and woman over the use of tobacco in a pipe used for marijuana that led to one party biting the other. The biter was cited for harassment.

• A man reported that he had clicked on a pop-up window on his internet browser, provided his credit card information, and was now seeing charges of several thousand dollars on the card. He was able to block the charge in time. Police advise caution when providing any credit card information online.

Wednesday, Oct. 3

• A storage facility reported several subjects going through a suspiciously large number of bags at a location, further advising stolen property may be involved. Police contacted the trio, who all had permission to use the storage unit, sifting through their belongings.

• A liquor store reported that a man staggered into the location, grabbed a bottle of tequila, and left the location on foot. The man was located stumbling down the road a few blocks away, and the loot was recovered from his hotel room; he was arrested.

• Overnight cleaners reported hearing strange noises and someone tapping on the windows of the location where they were working, making them feel unsafe. Officers checked the premises and found nothing and no one in the area.

Thursday, Oct. 4

• A brew pub reported a bearded man was at the location, possibly under the influence of drugs and refusing to leave the location. On contact, the man removed his shirt and beat his chest in a Tarzan-like manner. He was determined not to be intoxicated, but he was trespassed from the location.

• A caller reported a suspicious person, possibly transient, ran through a hole in the fence at their location, and that needles and a mattress had been found on the ground adjacent to the location. Officers located no one matching the description, nor any evidence of transient or drug activity in the area.

• Police were called to a location near Elm Street and Highway 47 where a transient camp was reportedly under construction. Officers contacted the subject, who was not, in fact, a transient and was simply resting in the comfort of their own property.

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