This week's calls include: telephonic impersonation, a power pole crash and impounded vehicles.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 483 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Oct. 5

• A driver in a fast food drive-through reported that a dispute broke out between the driver in front of her and the driver behind her over the front driver not moving quickly enough from the queue, and that the front driver had thrown a large beverage that hit the caller's car. Police found no damage to the caller's car, and the other two drivers left prior to police arrival.

• A caller reported that a friend of her daughter was calling the house impersonating the friend's parent in order to arrange a sleepover.

• A woman reported that her sister was refusing to return clothing items that had been left at the sister's residence. She was advised it was a civil matter. Police received a call shortly after from the woman's sister, who reported the woman had left belongings at the location and inquired as to how to get rid of them. Police advised both parties to work things out or go through the civil courts.

Saturday, Oct. 6

• A caller reported a possible domestic dispute with multiple voices yelling, one of whom was making accusations of being cheated on. Police found a group of men playing a spirited game of beer pong outside the location.

• Officers responded to a reported fight between several people outside a restaurant. Half the involved parties left prior to police arrival; police found no injuries but several different renditions of what had actually transpired. Those remaining were trespassed from the location. While on the call, an officer spotted a woman unrelated to the fight who happened to have an outstanding warrant. She was arrested.

• A heavily intoxicated man approached a night shift officer for a ride home. The officer learned the man had a no-alcohol stipulation as part of his jail release agreement, and transported the man to jail instead.

Sunday, Oct. 7

• A patrol officer stopped a vehicle after observing a seatbelt violation. Upon stopping the vehicle, the passenger exited the vehicle and ignored police instructions to stop, later claiming that he was in need of a bathroom, which he incorrectly believed took precedence over the officer's command. He was cited for interfering with a peace officer.

• Police responded to a scene west of town where a car crashed into and knocked over a power pole, from which the driver and passenger fled into the nearby woods. A dog track was unsuccessful; however, officers were able to identify the vehicle's occupants, and an investigation is underway.

Monday, Oct. 8

• A woman reported internet fraud, claiming that a company from which she had purchased and returned a product for a refund was now slandering her online. She was advised it was a civil matter and offered options how to remedy it.

• A caller reported a man wandering around town wearing a Halloween mask. Police located no one suspicious in the area but do advise that similar sightings may increase during the month due to the approaching holiday.

• Officers responded to a location where a man was experiencing blackouts after consuming an unsafe amount of anxiety medication and alcohol. He was transported to the hospital. A short while later, officers responded to another location where an individual had a bad reaction to MDMA (ecstasy); he, too, was transported to the hospital.

Tuesday, Oct. 9

• A caller reported a vehicle had crashed into a fire hydrant in an industrial area. Police collected several vehicle parts and were able to track debris and tire impressions to a residence where they contacted an individual who provided some suspect information. The investigation is ongoing.

• Police responded to a residence where an elderly man was found unconscious and breathing erratically. Officers applied an AED and began CPR until medical services arrived. The man was transported to the hospital.

• A homeowner reported a woman crept up to her front door early in the morning and tried to obtain entry. A security camera captured video of the suspect. An investigation is ongoing.

Wednesday, Oct. 10

• A night shift officer checked on a suspicious vehicle parked near the outskirts of town and located a man with an outstanding warrant from Central Oregon sleeping in the front seat. He was arrested.

• A caller reported three men walking around Main Street with flashlights late at night. Officers contacted two men matching the description in possession of multiple bikes, which they claimed to own. While the situation was a bit unusual, officers found no evidence they were stolen, although they took note of makes and models just in case.

• A caller reported their vehicle had been stolen while they were attending classes at the university all day. Police discovered it was one of several vehicles that had been impounded by private parties for parking in a nearby lot designated for business patrons only.

Thursday, Oct. 11

• A liquor store reported that a man walked into the location, helped himself to a bottle of gin and walked out in a manner slightly less wobbly than his tequila attempt the week prior (Oct. 3). Employees chased him down and retrieved the stolen spirits; officers contacted him nearby and transported him to jail for theft.

• A food truck reported a man became irate and caused a scene when he discovered he could not use a credit card at their establishment. The man left prior to police arrival.

• County deputies reported a vehicle leaving a domestic incident, which police located on its way into town. The driver was arrested on suspicion of DUII and was later found to have a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit.

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