This week's calls include: an unwelcome housesitter, phantom gunshots and teenage drivers.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 466 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Oct. 12

• A real estate agent reported finding a person — who claimed to be housesitting — inside a home they were showing to prospective buyers. The individual left prior to police arrival. However, officers located a crowbar and pry marks near a window, as well as some muddy footprints at the location. Police are investigating.

• Police responded to a location where a pickup was seen smashing into a parked van in a manner that appeared intentional. While the pickup had left prior to police arrival, officers learned the driver was the ex-boyfriend of the van's owner and that the driver's young child was in the vehicle when it was crashed into. During the investigation, the pickup driver returned to the location and was arrested for reckless driving and reckless endangering.

• A caller reported finding a nice pair of trousers that contained a sprinkler part along the side of the road. Police had received no reports of stolen parts or pants.

Saturday, Oct. 13

• A caller reported that her laundry and basket had been stolen from a shared laundry facility.

• A man reported seeing green and red lasers around his house late at night, the type often associated with firearms, possibly emanating from a business nearby. After some discussion, it was suggested it could be reflections from a stoplight on the corner.

• A caller reported hearing gunshots within the city limits, but clarified that they weren't entirely sure as they didn't actually know what gunshots sound like. Nearby residents stated they did not hear anything.

Sunday, Oct. 14

• A night shift officer stopped a man for a bicycle violation along Pacific Avenue. The man initially refused to identify himself; however, officers were able to determine his identity and found him to have an outstanding warrant. He was arrested.

• Police were called to a location where a group of juveniles were reportedly knocking over trash cans and climbing trees. Officers located a number of children who were playing and distributed a copious amount of junior officer stickers.

• A man reported his wife was experiencing a mental health crisis and causing damage to their house. After talking with all the involved parties, police found no evidence of a mental health crisis and concluded the matter was rooted more in the couple's marital problems. They were advised to separate for the night.

Monday, Oct. 15

• Police received a report that a domestic cat had been shot with a pellet gun in a residential area. The cat survived; officers are investigating.

• A business reported a customer attempted to pay for their goods with a fake bill. After a brief investigation, officers were able to locate the woman with whom the bill was believed to originate. The woman advised police that she had obtained it from a taco truck. However, the details of her story failed to convince officers, and she was cited for possession of a forged instrument.

• A man called police to report a friend was texting statements about contemplating suicide. Officers contacted the friend, who was concerned about graduating but had no intention of harming herself.

Tuesday, Oct. 16

• A man reported finding metal shavings in his tapioca pudding at a local restaurant. He was directed to the Oregon Health Department.

• A caller reported a car full of teenage girls had sped up to a park faster than the caller and a few nearby adults approved of, and that a verbal argument ensued after the adults counseled the teens about their driving. Police arrived and advised all to go their separate ways.

• A man called police after an iPhone he was given as payment in exchange for his vehicle was determined to be stolen. The buyer reportedly left the state and the contact information they left was no longer valid. Officers are investigating.

Wednesday, Oct. 17

• A concerned neighbor called police to inquire as to why a man who moved next door was wearing an ankle monitor. Police advised that they don't know the man, nor why he was being monitored.

• A caller reported a bright flashing light on a power pole near a busy intersection late at night, advising it might be some sort of warning. Officers found nothing concerning at the location.

• Police contacted a woman who was seen dancing along the sidewalk and harassing people at a shopping center. She was advised to move along and not return to the location.

Thursday, Oct. 18

• Officers responded to a business alarm and discovered the front door had been shattered and a person had entered the business. The subject fled prior to police arrival and a K-9 track was unsuccessful. The investigation is continuing.

• Officers located and spoke to a female in a credit card fraud investigation. The female admitted to being the person in the video recovered from the business. The female was arrested for a variety of fraud-related charges.

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