This week's calls include: a friendly clown, a trapped dog and a scam involving China.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 484 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Oct. 19

• A caller reported the theft of marijuana plants from his property.

• A caller reported multiple individuals, who appeared to be under the influence, removed the tags off of a vehicle at the location and drove away. The vehicle was gone upon police arrival, and officers located no one in the area matching the description.

• Police searched a residential area for a teenage girl who reportedly knocked on a caller's door late at night asking to use wi-fi. Officers were unable to locate anyone matching the description.

Saturday, Oct. 20

• A woman reported that a man with clown paint on his face was walking around a residential area and had waved at her son. No one matching the description was found in the area.

• Officers were called to a residence where a group of juveniles were reportedly partying and consuming alcohol. On arrival, the youths told police to "get a warrant" and refused to answer the door. Officers were able to contact a parent who gave officers permission to enter the location. Most of the juveniles had left by that point; however, two were referred to juvenile services.

• A caller reported that he had been assaulted by three people and hung up. Officers were able to locate the victim and a witness who verified his story. Police found one suspect, who was heavily intoxicated, behind a business. The suspect refused police commands to stop and approached the officer with his hand in a coat pocket. He was ultimately arrested and taken to jail.

Sunday, Oct. 21

• A swing shift officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation along Pacific Avenue during which the driver exited the car, walked away, and hopped on a bus. Police stopped the bus and detained the man, who was found to have multiple warrants and a suspended license. The passenger also had a felony warrant, and heroin was discovered inside the vehicle. All parties were arrested.

• A caller reported hearing a distressed howl from his residence. Police located and freed a dog that had become stuck between a fence and some rose bushes.

• A homeowner reported coming home to find someone living in their backyard. Officers located a teen who had been reported as a runaway from another city. She was transported home.

Monday, Oct. 22

• A caller reported a man screaming obscenities and throwing objects in an alley along Main Street late at night. Officers contacted the man, who was upset about losing some cans. Police advised him to move along; however, campus safety reported a similar scene a short while later, and a homeowner reported the same man going through a dumpster. He was told to move along and quiet down, but was subsequently arrested for offensive littering after throwing items into the street.

• A business reported that a man wandered into the location on a motorized scooter, went into the office and plugged in the scooter. Officers learned he was a resident of an assisted living community miles away. He was transported home.

Tuesday, Oct. 23

• Campus safety reported a man in a powered wheelchair was found unresponsive. He was transported to the hospital.

• A man reported that a computer company offered him anti-virus software and charged him $750 to fix his computer. The Forest Grove police advise that this is a common scam designed to trick individuals into paying money for computer assistance that results in no service and/or identity theft.

• A veterinarian clinic reported that a woman stumbled into the location, was slurring words, and appeared to be heavily medicated. The woman, known to police, left in a vehicle prior to police arrival; officers stood by at her residence but she did not return.

Wednesday, Oct. 24

• Officers conducted an extensive search for a man involved in an investigation who had been reported to police the previous day as suicidal and in possession of a stolen firearm. The man had also sent texts warning that he would not hesitate to commit "suicide by cop." Officers were able to track the man's cellphone to a field near the edge of town. Police ultimately located the man (some 24 hours after the initial report), still armed, in the backyard of his mother's home. He was taken into custody without incident.

• A store employee reported that the company had sent several hundred thousand dollars to a company in East Asia in what turned out to be a scam. The incident was also reported to police authorities in China.

Thursday, Oct. 25

• A bank employee reported that a man came into the location inquiring about surveillance cameras. Officers identified the individual and learned he was searching for his phone, which he had lost somewhere near the bank. Police took a report for lost property.

• Dispatch advised police that a man called in with several children yelling in the background and asked for an officer but did not give any further information. Officers arrived at a local school where football practice was dismissing and found no suspicious activity.

• A convenience store reported that a man was screaming and refusing to leave the location. Offices contacted the man and subsequently arrested him on an outstanding warrant.

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