This week's calls include: dinosaur costumes, drunken drivers and Social Security scams.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 495 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Oct. 26

• A bar employee reported an unruly man dressed in a dinosaur costume refusing to leave the location after pestering several patrons. He was trespassed and left the location.

• Police responded to another bar where a Halloween party was underway after a man became upset over being cut off due to intoxication. The man initially refused to leave until he realized the officer's uniform was not a Halloween costume, after which point he left without incident.

• A caller reported two suspicious subjects behind a business who appeared to be attempting to break into parked vehicles. Officers found no one in the area matching the description.

Saturday, Oct. 27

• A man reported that his ex-wife was at his residence hitting his and his girlfriend's vehicles with a large stick. The ex-wife left prior to police arrival, and officers found no damage on the vehicles. The man was advised of the restraining order process.

• A swing shift officer stopped a vehicle for driving without headlights and found the driver to be noticeably intoxicated. The driver was taken into custody on suspicion of DUII.

• Night shift officers responded to a location where an argument between several subjects, in part over one rather intoxicated individual who allegedly stole another's phone. Police sorted out that he had grabbed the wrong phone while leaving a bar and, despite much grumbling on the part of the alleged thief, sent everyone on their way. Officers were soon after called to a physical altercation a few blocks away where the alleged thief, still angry about police contact, assaulted a family member. He was arrested.

Sunday, Oct. 28

• Night shift officers stopped a vehicle that was observed driving approximately 80 mph on Pacific Avenue. The driver was arrested for DUII.

• A night shift officer located a vehicle that had been reported stolen. While the driver was found to have a plausible story for occupying the vehicle, he was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

• A caller reported a vehicle whose driver was brake-checking and making obscene gestures toward people at the Highway 8 and Highway 47 intersection. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

Monday, Oct. 29

• Officers responded to a dispute between roommates over not sharing the wi-fi password.

• A night shift officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and found the driver's license was suspended and that the passenger was in violation of her probation as well as in possession of methamphetamine. The driver was cited for driving while suspended; the passenger was arrested.

• Police are investigating the theft of tools from a business that is being remodeled.

Tuesday, Oct. 30

• A memory care community reported that a man in a T-rex suit (presumably not the same individual from earlier in the week) was attempting to herd a group of children into the location to distribute candy to residents. The man was advised that wearing costumes in a memory care unit was perhaps not the best idea.

• Police received multiple calls about a man wearing black clothing screaming at cars in a busy intersection, jumping in the road and approaching cars. The man was advised to quiet down and move along, but police received more calls throughout the day about the same man yelling at pedestrians. He was warned that any further calls would result in an arrest for disorderly conduct. The man told officers he'd go back to his hotel and watch cartoons.

• Officers received a tip that a man with several outstanding warrants had entered a store. Police tracked the man to an eastbound bus where he was promptly arrested.

Wednesday, Oct. 31

• A local business reported a woman was refusing to leave the location after making a scene. On police arrival, the woman continued to refuse, prompting officers to escort woman from the location while she kicked and screamed. The woman was arrested for trespassing and assaulting a peace officer.

• Police broke up a fight between a brother and sister over the kitchen being dirty. They went their separate ways for the night.

• Police responded to a restaurant where multiple intoxicated patrons got into an argument with other patrons as well as staff. They were asked to leave and banned from returning.

Thursday, Nov. 1

• Police contacted a man seen acting erratically, yelling at kids, and stripping off his clothes along Pacific Avenue. Officers located marijuana and evidence of alcohol use, violations of the man's probation. He was arrested.

• A caller reported seeing two men go into a neighbor's yard and attempt entry to the neighbor's vehicle. Police found two men matching the description near the location, who stated they were out and about late at night after hearing a woman screaming in the area. Officers found no evidence of criminal activity.

• A woman reported giving bank information to a caller who was claiming to be from the Social Security Administration. This is a common scam currently making the rounds; the caller ID states the SSA's customer support line, duping victims into believing they really are talking to SSA representatives.

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