This week's calls include: throwing the towel, sibling rivalries and a beleaguered motorist.

During two weeks, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 415 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Dec. 14

• A caller reported his doorbell camera caught a man was attempting to steal a package from his front door but had ceased after he realized he was on video. The footage was sent to police and officers are investigating the attempted theft.

• A night shift officer was parked near a local convenience store when a vehicle drove suspiciously and erratically into the lot. The officer contacted the driver, who was noticeably intoxicated, and arrested him on suspicion of DUII.

• A caller reported their parents had gotten into a fight and that one party had attempted to kill themselves with broken glass. Police found the person a few blocks away and took them into custody on a peace officer hold. On Dec. 14 alone, Forest Grove police responded to five separate calls regarding suicidal statements or threats, including two that resulted in hospitalizations.

Saturday, Dec. 15

• A hotel employee reported that a man had trashed his room. Police arrived and found the guest had broken a window and had taken apart two lamps, an air conditioner, and several other items. The man was arrested for criminal mischief and drug charges after a search yielded methamphetamine.

• A man called police to report defamation of character after his landlord allegedly accused him of stealing over-the-counter painkillers. A brief discussion with the man revealed that the situation is less about slander and more about his rent going up. He was advised it was a civil matter.

• A different hotel reported that three noticeably intoxicated men were in the pool after hours, refusing to leave, and were growing hostile toward staff. Police sent two on their way and another to jail for disorderly conduct and harassment after he threw a towel at an employee.

Sunday, Dec. 16

• A caller reported receiving a call from a friend and could only hear yelling and screaming in the background. Officers contacted the individuals who were loudly engrossed in a football game. No crime.

Monday, Dec. 17

• A woman called police after noticing several items missing from the home after she had left her spare key under the door mat to allow potential buyers to view the location. Police are investigating.

• Police responded to a laundromat where a man had reportedly locked himself into the bathroom for well over an hour and a half. No one responded when officers knocked, but police were able to contact the building's maintenance worker, who explained he had changed the locks a week prior and locked the door behind him.

• A woman called 911 requesting that officers assist in evicting her brother. While the brother was advised to leave the location for the night, officers explained misuse of 911 to the caller.

Tuesday, Dec. 18

• A man whose vehicle was recently stolen reported that he had received a photo radar ticket showing the suspect driving the car. Officers were able to identify the suspect.

• A man reported that his sister, also his roommate, had locked him out of their residence after an argument they had the previous night. An officer mediated a temporary peace between the two siblings.

• A man called police when his ex-girlfriend was knocking on his door in the middle of the night calling him names. Officers found the woman noticeably intoxicated nearby. She admitted to harassing the man and was advised to go home; the man was offered suggestions on avoiding future contact.

Wednesday, Dec. 19

• Police received a tip that a suspect in a burglary investigation was at a local fast food restaurant late at night. Officers located the man, who initially denied involvement, but the man couldn't keep his story straight or refute the surveillance photos that captured the crime. He was arrested.

• A patrol officer stopped a vehicle for no lights and an expired temporary permit, only to find that the vehicle had been reported stolen. The driver was arrested.

• A caller reported a suspicious woman, possibly doing drugs, loitering around a business at night for over an hour. Police contacted the woman, who had run out of gas and was waiting for a friend to help her.

Thursday, Dec. 20

• A caller reported an aggressive door-to-door salesman. Police found no one matching the description in the area.

• A bar employee called police when two individuals attempted to start a fight with patrons outside the location. Police checked the area but were unable to locate anyone in the area.

• A night shift officer was on patrol when he spotted a vehicle with no lights in the middle of a major street. As the officer approached, the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed with the rear wheels swerving erratically. Police ultimately stopped the vehicle a few blocks away and found the driver heavily intoxicated and belligerent. Though he refused breath and blood tests, officers arrested the man on suspicion of DUII and reckless driving, in addition to several other citations.

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