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This week's calls include: a man with many names, a rubber mask and a drunken argument over a baby.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 395 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Jan. 4

• Police responded to a location where a man had attempted to jump out of a two-story window. The man was found to be extremely intoxicated and had multiple cuts and scratches. He was taken to the hospital on a peace officer hold.

• A swing shift officer stopped a vehicle for a missing headlight. The driver provided multiple aliases, but through some sleuthing, the officer was able to determine the driver's identity and found him to have multiple outstanding felony warrants, including driving with a suspended license. He was arrested.

• Night shift officers responded to a report of a pickup stopped in the middle of the road with lights on and the engine running. Police found a man passed out at the wheel. An inventory of the vehicle revealed multiple concealed, loaded firearms within reach of the driver. He was arrested on firearms-related charges, and for DUII when his blood alcohol content was determined to be almost three times the legal limit.

Saturday, Jan. 5

• A night shift officer stopped a driver for numerous traffic violations. The driver provided officers with her daughter's driver's license and unconvincingly insisted it was her own. She ultimately dropped her story, provided her real information, and was then arrested on suspicion of DUII and cited for providing false information to an officer as well as the multiple traffic violations.

• A caller reported an elderly woman was seen furiously knocking on a window from the inside. Officers contacted the residents at the location and learned the woman had dementia and was being cared for.

• A caller reported seeing an unconscious girl outside a bar being taken upstairs by multiple individuals. Officers contacted a group of college students taking care of a friend who was physically sick from drinking too much.

Sunday, Jan. 6

• A caller reported a barbed-wire fence near a hotel had been cut and that multiple bicycles were lying around the area. Police arrived and found the fence intact and nothing suspicious about the bicycles.

• While performing a premise check at a shopping center, officers found a man with an outstanding warrant sleeping in a vehicle in the parking lot. He was arrested.

• Police received multiple reports of a man causing a ruckus in stores and restaurants along Pacific Avenue. The man was trespassed from the locations and agreed to head out of town.

Monday, Jan. 7

• A caller advised he had found garbage bags possibly filled with evidence of home invasions or bank robberies. Police discovered a rubber Barack Obama mask and a pair of sunglasses in the bags, but they were unable to find any outstanding cases with reported presidential impersonations.

• Night shift officers contacted the driver of a vehicle with hazard lights flashing that was seen parked in an empty parking lot. Police found a woman in the driver's seat crying, while a shoeless, noticeably intoxicated passenger was acting erratically outside the vehicle. The passenger was uncooperative and attempted to disrupt the officer's attempts to talk to the driver, which ultimately led to an arrest for interfering with a police officer.

Tuesday, Jan. 8

• A caller reported a man at the local library with his pants down. Police contacted the man, who denied dropping his trousers but admitted to urinating in the driveway. He was advised to use a restroom next time. Police later arrested the man after he was found at a location from which he had previously been banned, enjoying some Chinese food he neglected to pay for.

• A caller reported yelling and arguing with loud statements about the welfare of a baby in an adjacent apartment in the middle of the night. Police found a couple who were noticeably intoxicated arguing about the male half's poor life choices. Police found no evidence of a physical altercation or criminal activity. Both were advised to separate and get some sleep.

Wednesday, Jan. 9

• Police contacted a man seen acting erratically and wielding a knife at a local park. The man advised he was hearing voices and that he had taken anxiety medication, possibly in addition to methamphetamine. He was taken into custody on a peace officer hold.

• A property manager reported that several individuals appeared to have moved into the apartment of an individual who had recently died. Officers contacted the squatters, who agreed to move along.

Thursday, Jan. 10

• A caller reported a pickup truck in the area had a police siren installed and activated while driving down Pacific Avenue. Police were unable to find the vehicle but are investigating.

• A man was arrested after an off-duty officer witnessed him shoplifting.

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