This week's calls include: partying toddlers, a quiet fight, and a suspicious drive-through run.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 425 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Jan. 25

• A caller reported a loud party at a neighbor's residence late at night. Officers arrived and found a large group of children vivaciously performing "Baby Shark." They agreed to quiet down.

• A man called police to announce that he was going to start seeking a job per the advice of a patrol officer who had spoken with him during the day about turning his life around.

• A caller reported a suspicious looking vehicle parked in the wrong direction in a residential area late at night. Officers located two minors smoking marijuana inside the vehicle. They were cited for MIP and for parking the wrong direction.

Saturday, Jan. 26

• A woman reported that her vehicle had been stolen, but officers found the vehicle registered to someone else, and a bill of sale that listed another person as the buyer. Police are investigating.

• A caller reported that someone had left a used condom in his mailbox. Officers disposed of the item.

• A senior living community reported that a resident may have overdosed on medication and left the location on foot. Officers located the man several blocks away and found him to be lucid and articulate with no signs of impairment; the man adamantly denied using drugs. After a brief conversation, the man agreed to return home.

Sunday, Jan. 27

• A caller advised police that he had seen a man using his phone light in the laundry room of an apartment complex in the middle of the night and that upon returning in the morning discovered a coin-op washer and dryer had been tampered with in an attempt to access the coins. Police are investigating.

• An assisted living facility reported a man banging on the building's gas line with a wrench late at night. Officers contacted the man who was unable to give an explanation for his actions, though police believe drug use and mental health issues were involved. He was arrested for Criminal Mischief.

Monday, Jan. 28

• Police responded to a shopping center where a fight had reportedly broken out between multiple individuals. Police found three intoxicated individuals who claimed nothing had happened, however one individual was arrested for violating a no-alcohol stipulation on his probation.

• A medical center reported multiple broken windows at the location, including one that appeared to have been shot by a pellet gun. Officers are investigating.

• A caller reported yelling and a possible physical altercation in a neighboring apartment. Officers arrived to a quiet, empty apartment, and found no signs of a disturbance.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

• A local deli reported an attempted burglary at the location when the front door was found to have been partially pried open. Officers are investigating.

Wednesday, Jan. 30

• A man called police after his brother allegedly punched him in the face. After interviewing both parties, police learned that the caller had punched his brother several times. He was arrested for assault.

• A caller reported a possible disturbance at an apartment complex; officers arrived and found a man outside with all of his belongings scattered on the ground. Police learned the man had been a guest of tenants who had outstayed his welcome. Peace was restored.

• A Campus Public Safety officer reported finding a man lying in the bushes while responding to an alarm at the university late at night. On contact the man ran and Forest Grove Police conducted an area search. While looking for the subject, officers located a different man who had an outstanding arrest warrant. A man matching a description of the initial suspect was found a short while later walking around half dressed in the freezing temperatures. Officers found no evidence of criminal activity and transported him home. The suspect with the warrant was transported to jail.

Thursday, Jan. 31

• A caller reported two women fighting in front of a neighborhood residence. On arrival, police learned one party had entered the apartment of the other and was caught attempting to carry out the other's belongings. The alleged thief was gone on police arrival.

• Police are investigating the theft of a trailer from a storage unit.

• A night shift officer spotted a vehicle driving suspiciously through a fast-food drive through, exit the location only to re-enter the parking lot and appear to hide behind a larger vehicle. Officers ultimately stopped the vehicle and located two men known to police in the back seat of the vehicle - one of whom had several outstanding warrants. He was arrested.

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