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This week's calls include: bad behavior at the library, a 'revenge porn' threat and being locked out in the cold.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 428 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Feb. 1

• A hotel reported that a guest was acting suspiciously and becoming threatening with staff. A quick investigation informed officers that the man had a history of disturbing behaviors at other hotels, including allegedly "booby-trapping" hotel windows. Over the course of two hours of negotiating, officers were ultimately able to convince the man to check out and leave the location. While the incident was suspicious, no crimes were committed; the man was banned from returning to the location.

• Night shift officers checked on a man who was reportedly staggering down the shoulder of Gales Creek Road in the dark. Police found a man walking along a sidewalk listening to music, but nothing suspicious.

• A patrol officer observed what appeared to be two men fighting outside a bar late at night. Upon contact, police found two very inebriated friends who were just wrestling. A sober friend arrived to take them home.

Satuday, Feb. 2

• Police responded to a store where a customer accidentally discharged a firearm, causing damage to the floor and ceiling. Police are investigating.

• A caller reported a suspicious man engaging in sexual acts and following patrons at the library. The man admitted to his conduct upon police questioning; he was arrested for disorderly conduct and public indecency.

• A caller reported that their ex had stolen their ear pods. Officers sorted out that the items were part of a larger dispute due to the relationship ending. Police advised both parties on theft and they agreed to work out a property exchange.

Sunday, Feb. 3

• Officers contacted a caller who dialed 9-1-1 to report their nephew being disrespectful. The nephew was gone on police arrival, but officers did advise the caller about not using 9-1-1 to report non-emergencies.

• Police are investigating the theft of a collection of silver coins from a home which the owner was recently deceased.

• Police responded to two separate calls for assistance after individuals made suicidal threats or statements, both resulting in a peace officer hold in which individuals were taken into police custody for their safety and transported for medical care. Over the week, police responded to eight separate behavioral health-related incidents.

Monday, Feb. 4

• A woman reported that she had sent nude images to her ex-boyfriend who was now threatening to disseminate the photos in an attempt to ruin her career. Officers contacted the boyfriend and advised him of the possible ramifications of sharing the images.

• A caller reported a woman dancing and singing to herself at a local laundry facility. Officers found the woman to be noticeably under the influence, but no evidence of any criminal activity. She was given a courtesy ride home.

• A night shift patrol officer spotted an individual known to be associated with a man with several outstanding warrants. The individual advised police of the wanted man's location, and the suspect was subsequently arrested. During the same call, a woman approached an officer stating she wanted to turn herself in for skipping her court-ordered jail work release a few days prior; officers obliged and took her to jail.

Tuesday, Feb. 5

• A caller reported that a vehicle hit their car and drove off. Officers located the driver nearby, who stated she drove off so she could turn around and return to the scene. She was issued several citations.

• A man asked police to remove his mother from his apartment. Unfortunately for him, the mother also lived at the location. He was advised of civil remedies.

Wednesday, Feb. 6

• Police received an anonymous tip that a woman with multiple outstanding warrants was at a local hotel attempting to check in with someone else's credit card. The woman was gone on police arrival; however, a second tip came in advising officers the same woman was in a vehicle south of town. Police located a vehicle matching the description and arrested the woman on multiple felony and misdemeanor warrants.

• A caller reported that her intoxicated boyfriend was causing a disturbance, throwing things and running around their apartment. Officers arrived and found a physical fight had also transpired. Initially, the boyfriend ran from police, but he was taken into custody after a brief struggle.

n Officers assisted an elderly woman gain entry to her residence after accidentally locking herself out in the 25-degree weather.

Thursday, Feb. 7

• Officers checked on a suspicious vehicle with the interior light on parked near an apartment complex late at night. Police found the driver noticeably intoxicated and quite uncooperative. Ultimately, officers arrested him after his attempt to stealthily dispose of a bag of methamphetamine out of his pocket. He was not sneaky enough to elude officers' attention.

• Police responded to a crash between a bicycle and a car at a busy intersection. The cyclist was found to have an outstanding warrant, and the driver found to have a suspended license. The driver was arrested and the cyclist sent to the hospital.

• A woman called police after a man hired to do work on her vehicle had not returned the car after having it for more than a month and was now not returning any calls. Officers entered the vehicle as stolen and are investigating.

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