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This week's calls include: a nap on the sidewalk, Michelle Obama and an exhausting life on the streets.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 437 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Oct. 18

• Officers responded to a fight outside a residence late at night. Police found two men engaged in alcohol-fueled mutual combat, but neither party had injuries or wanted to be a victim. They agreed to separate for the night.

• Employees at a local fast food restaurant reported two individuals who were causing a scene, allegedly due to a long wait and cold food. The individuals were gone on police arrival.

• A caller reported a person lying on the sidewalk, possibly unconscious. Officers contacted a woman, who advised she was too tired to keep walking toward her destination and opted for a short nap to recharge. She declined medical attention and decided that she might just be able to make the next few blocks after all.

Saturday, Oct. 19

• While on patrol, a night shift officer spotted a vehicle on the side of the road with a flat tire and a driver who was unsure how to change it. The officer remained on scene and changed the tire for the thankful driver.

• Officers received multiple calls regarding a man with low-hanging trousers with a stick protruding from the backside. Police checked on the man, who agreed to keep his pants where they belong.

• A caller reported hearing multiple gunshots at a resident late at night. The caller then advised that the sound was possibly fireworks in the area and finally decided it was likely a vehicle backfiring. Officers stayed at the location briefly to ensure all was well and no further noises were heard.

Sunday, Oct. 20

• A caller reported they were being stalked by gang members and large trucks on their daily commute, possibly due to their high-ranking and elite aerospace and military work, and wanted police to order the stalkers to cease. Officers believe the woman was experiencing some symptoms of mental health issues, but was not in any danger. She went on her way.

• Police responded to a reported crash near a local park where a vehicle had run into a man in a wheelchair. The man was taken to the hospital and found to have broken bones and head injury. The driver was found to be heavily intoxicated and was arrested on suspicion of DUII. She was later found to have more than twice the legal limit.

• A caller reported a possible fight between a man and woman. Officers found a couple embroiled in a verbal argument over former First Lady Michelle Obama and "artificial women" who bleach their skin, fake their hair and wear too much makeup. Police found no evidence of any criminal activity and advised the parties to quiet down.

Monday, Oct. 21

• A caller reported a man in a Darth Vader mask approached her while walking along Main Street and asked where the nearest bank was. Police were unable to locate any Sith in the area, detected no unusual imbalances in the Force, and no Imperial credits were reported missing from any financial institutions.

• A night shift officer checked on a man who was seen lying on the sidewalk outside a convenience store for at least an hour. On contact, the man kicked the officer and was subsequently taken to jail.

• A gas station reported that a vehicle drove off without paying for fuel. Officers are investigating.

Tuesday, Oct. 22

• A man reported that his wife was upset at him and throwing things around the house. Officers arrived and found no evidence of a crime, but advised the pair to separate for the rest of the day so they could both cool down.

• A convenience store reported a juvenile stole candy from the location. Officers located a youth matching the description who confessed to not paying for their treats. They were released to their mother and referred to juvenile services for theft.

• A caller reported a vehicle was sneaking around a residential area in the middle of the night, hiding in the shadows. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate any vehicles lurking in the area.

Wednesday, Oct. 23

• A caller reported an elderly woman walking down the middle of the road late at night who told the caller she was unsure where she was. Offices contacted the woman and transported her home, a few blocks away.

• A caller reported that a neighbor child was possibly stealing things from them. A quick investigation revealed that the caller's child was letting their friend borrow items from the caller's home.

• A medical center called police after a client failed to show up to a dialysis appointment. Officers contacted the client, who stated they were fine and didn't want any medical attention.

Thursday, Oct. 24

• A caller reported witnessing a man remove a window screen and enter a residence. Officers located a man with multiple outstanding warrants inside. He was arrested and officers are investigating the incident.

• A caller reported that the lock of a coin machine in a shared laundry facility had been drilled out with hundreds of dollars of quarters removed. Officers are investigating.

• A restaurant reported that a customer slumped down on his table and was not waking up. On arrival, the man, who is known to police, was awake and eating his dinner. He advised police that he was just tired from living on the streets and finished his meal without incident.

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