This week's calls include: a urine deposit, a bong and BBs, and sleeping in a car without auto insurance.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 418 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Oct. 25

• Police received a report that a semi-truck driver had parked near a local park and allegedly unloaded nine jugs of urine at the location.

• Swing shift officers responded to a parking lot where a young woman had reportedly shed the layers of a silver sweatsuit, dropped her underwear and then left the location. Officers were unable to find anyone matching the description and received no reports of frostbitten individuals from any nearby hospitals.

• A caller reported two of their neighbors were embroiled in an argument out in their shared driveway. Police found the neighbors mutually irritated by noisy kids and noisy dogs; both parties were advised to find a civil solution and informed of the chronic nuisance ordinance.

Saturday, Oct. 26

• A caller reported their vehicle had been struck sometime overnight. Police found damage consistent with a crash on the vehicle, as well as witnesses who advised they had heard a crash late at night. Police are investigating.

• A caller reported a large kitchen knife had been left on the sidewalk along Pacific Avenue. Officers searched the area and did not locate any knives.

• A man called 9-1-1 irate that the Oregon State Police had issued his daughter a citation. When advised that 9-1-1 is for emergencies, the man explained that "it was an emergency" and promptly hung up on dispatchers.

Sunday, Oct. 27

• A caller reported finding a bong and an empty pizza box that had been peppered with BB holes outside. Damage to the caller's screen door and car were also found. Police are investigating.

• A man called police to report that a forklift had broken windows at his residence and was flooding the area. Officers learned the man was a dementia patient who had become confused. Medical services took over.

• A caller reported a vanity and sink in the roadway. Officers arrived and found the item was not causing a hazard, and did not appear to match the rest of a bathroom set that had been found discarded on Sept. 29.

Monday, Oct. 28

• A caller reported a noticeably impaired individual yelling and causing a scene near a construction site. It was determined the man was experiencing complications from low blood sugar; he was transported to the hospital.

• A woman reported that her roommate had friends over and she wanted them to leave. She was advised this was a civil matter.

• A night shift officer spotted a vehicle that had been reported stolen out of Portland. When attempting to stop the vehicle, the driver put it into high gear and attempted to elude the officer, only to have the vehicle's engine blow up. The driver immediately fled the scene, failing to put the vehicle in park; the vehicle rolled backward into the patrol officer's vehicle. A search of the area for the driver was unsuccessful.

Tuesday, Oct. 29

• A caller reported that an unknown person was sending nude images on social media. Police are investigating.

• A caller reported witnessing a hit-and-run in a store parking lot. Police are investigating.

Wednesday, Oct. 30

• A caller reported finding a partially burned sock and an aerosol can leaking some sort of thick substance. An inmate identification card was also found near the area. Police found no scorch marks on the building, nor anyone in the area.

• A caller reported a man in a neighboring apartment was screaming and yelling. Police contacted the man, who is known to have mental health issues. The man agreed to quiet down, but he asked police for some extra cash to supplement his limited disability income so as to purchase some food. He declined resources for services on account of being "picky."

• Officers checked on a man seen slumped over inside a vehicle along Pacific Avenue late at night. The man advised police that he had been pulled over and cited for driving without insurance and opted, subsequently, not to drive any further — then fell asleep.

Thursday, Oct. 31

• Police responded to a neighborhood on the east side of town where five dogs had escaped from a kennel and were running loose in the area. Officers were able to corral and secure all the animals; the owner was advised of city ordinances regarding barking dogs and owning more than three dogs within city limits.

• A caller reported receiving harassing messages from a "pervert from Iran." She was advised to block the sender.

• Police received reports of individuals knocking on doors despite dark porches and closed curtains. Reporting parties were advised that while this is considered poor Halloween etiquette, it is not criminal.

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