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This week's calls include: a 'racist' parking issue, calling 9-1-1 from a phone booth and a missing spouse.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 362 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Nov. 15

• A caller reported their housemate was "stealing valor" by claiming to be a Marine Corps veteran and attempting to intimidate others through various facial expressions. Police determined nothing criminal had actually taken place and advised the caller to contact their landlord.

• A powered scooter had been taken from a local store, possibly with stolen items in the basket. The scooter was located a short distance away, but officers were unable to locate the suspect. Police are investigating.

• Officers responded to a reported fight between two men in a restaurant. On arrival, police found one of the men, significantly intoxicated, who denied any altercation; the other party had left prior to police arrival. The man was asked to leave, which he did without further incident.

Saturday, Nov. 16

• A caller reported a neighbor was pounding on his door screaming about the caller being a racist. Officers were able to sort out that it was a neighbor dispute regarding parking and dog feces in front yards. Police found no evidence of anything criminal, but instructed both parties to not go onto each other's properties.

• Officers responded to a coin-operated phone booth from which a 9-1-1 hang-up call had originated. While on scene, police received a report of a man running out of a nearby store with several items he had not paid for. The suspect ditched the loot behind the building, but was gone on police arrival.

• While en route to the above incident, police received another call originating from the same pay phone reporting a burglary in progress at a location nearby. Police arrived at that location but no such burglary had occurred. Officers believe it may have been part of the same heist. Officers are investigating.

Sunday, Nov. 17

• Police responded to a location where a woman, who is known to police, reported a baby was not breathing at a second-hand store. On arrival, police found no such incident had occurred. Officers contacted the woman and believe she was experiencing symptoms of mental illness.

• Officers responded to a residence where an altercation between a man and woman was reported. Police found a husband and wife embroiled in a heated verbal argument. Police advised the pair separate for the night to cool off, to which they agreed.

• A caller reported seeing suspicious people on their property via security cameras. Officers located a man who was experiencing a medical emergency. He was transported to the hospital.

Monday, Nov. 18

• Officers are investigating after multiple electronics were stolen out of unlocked vehicles overnight. Police advise all citizens to always lock their vehicles when unattended.

• Police received a report that a man in a large pickup contacted a youth on a playground, ate a handful of mushrooms and drove away. Officers are investigating.

• Officers converged on a fast food restaurant after a panic alarm had been pushed numerous times. Police found an employee who admitted he did not know what the button was for, and pushed it out of curiosity. The manager was advised to ensure all employees were familiar with the alarm.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

• A caller reported that he had tried several times, unsuccessfully, to contact his wife and was concerned about her. Police located the woman, who advised she was fine but had lost her phone.

• Officers responded to a group home where neighbors reported screaming, banging and yelling under way. Staff advised police that a tenant was experiencing a crisis, but the situation was under control. Officers advised staff to call if they needed further assistance.

• A caller reported their neighbors were engaged in a lot of drunken revelry late at night and that the partying seemed to suggest a fight was underway. Officers arrived to find multiple subjects leaving the location. One of the revelers advised there was no fighting; police found no evidence of anything suspicious or criminal.

Wednesday, Nov. 20

• Patrol officers spotted a man known to have an outstanding warrant walking along a busy street. On contact, the man dropped and stomped on a meth pipe. He was arrested on the warrants, with an additional charge of offensive littering.

• A woman contacted police after a person claiming to work in Microsoft's tech support gained access to her computer and banking information, after which a large amount was subsequently deposited and withdrawn from her account. Police are investigating and advised the woman to keep an eye on her credit and bank accounts. Police remind citizens that callers claiming to be any sort of tech support are almost always scammers.

• Police responded to a fight between a man and woman that had escalated from a verbal argument to a pushing match. The parties were broken up and agreed to separate; however, officers were called back to the location shortly thereafter when the woman returned to collect her bedsheets and the fight rekindled. Both were advised to separate, which, with bedsheets recovered, they did without further incident.

Thursday, Nov. 21

• Police responded to a reported verbal altercation between two housemates, after which one party exited the home, allegedly vandalized a vehicle and attempted suicide. The injured party was transported to the hospital. Police are investigating the incident.

• A store employee reported a woman was at the location smelling of alcohol and slurring a series of numbers repeatedly. Police arrived on scene to find the woman breathing but unresponsive. She was eventually brought around and was transported to the hospital.

• A caller reported a man slumped over and non-responsive in a vehicle parked along Main Street. On arrival, officers found a bystander had already started CPR. Officers deployed Narcan, an drug used to treat opioid overdose, and continued life-saving efforts. After several minutes, the man regained a pulse. He was transported to the hospital.

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