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This week's calls include: a hotel mistaken for a hospital, a foul-mouthed mother and a visit to the dispensary.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 350 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Nov. 22

• A lounge employee reported a patron traded in four $100 bills for smaller denominations for video poker and then took off running when the bartender realized the large bills were fake. Containment of the area was set up and a dog track was conducted, but it was unsuccessful. Police are investigating.

• A caller reported a pair of "nefarious-looking" people in a parking lot spray-painting BMX bikes in a shopping center parking lot. On contact, police found no evidence of anything criminal, but they did advise the men to move along.

• A caller reported his security camera caught someone attempting to break into a laundromat and that the suspect appeared to be sleeping between washing machines. Officers found the location to be locked with no sign of entry, nor anyone inside the location, nor any such incident captured on video.

Saturday, Nov. 23

• Police responded to a bus stop where a driver reported a passenger in the back was cutting themself with a razor. Officers took the passenger to the hospital on a peace officer hold.

• A hotel employee reported a woman came into the location acting strangely and appeared to be under the impression that managers and staff were doctors. Officers were unable to locate the woman.

• Police received multiple calls regarding thefts or entries of unlocked vehicles by unknown persons. Police remind citizens to never leave a vehicle unlocked when unattended.

Sunday, Nov. 24

• A caller reported kids tearing up flowers and vandalizing headstones in a local cemetery. Officers corralled the youths and referred them to juvenile services for several crimes.

• Police responded to an assisted living community from which an incomplete 9-1-1 call had originated. Officers located the caller, who advised a man came into her residence through the back door and pulled her pants down. Officers and staff spoke with the woman at length about the building's alarms and security, and she ultimately decided that she likely imagined the incident.

Monday, Nov. 25

• Officers checked on a man after a government agency reported receiving a letter stating "maybe I should end it" from his residence. The man advised that he was fine, just upset with the agency.

• Police received multiple calls reporting several gunshots being heard in a residential area. Police performed an extensive area check but were unable to locate anything suspicious.

Tuesday, Nov. 26

• A caller reported his ex-girlfriend abandoned property at his residence but was frequently returning to the location and letting herself in. Officers explained the eviction process to him.

• Officers assisted a motorist with a dead battery after he became stuck along Main Street.

• A caller reported their chainsaw had been stolen from a carport overnight. Police are investigating.

• A man called police stating that he was feeling down and scared, but he ended the call prematurely. Officers located the man near the cold weather shelter and he was taken to the hospital on a peace officer hold.

Wednesday, Nov. 27

• A man reported that his wife curses and swears at him in front of their children.

• A caller reported a verbal argument over the family's adult sons not helping with Thanksgiving chores had escalated to a point of pushing and shoving. Officers contacted the caller, whom they found to be noticeably intoxicated, and heard slightly different renditions of the story from other family members. Police determined no crimes had been committed, and the wife and sons opted to leave for the night.

• Officers responded to a local hotel where a fire had been reported. On arrival, officers assisted in evacuating the building; the cause was determined to be overcooked food in the employee breakroom.

Thursday, Nov. 28

• A woman reported a man in a camouflage jacket was loitering near a vehicle in a restaurant parking lot and appeared to be swapping items with another person in a manner suggestive of a drug deal. Officers were unable to locate anyone in the area.

• Officers were called to a marijuana dispensary where a silent alarm had been triggered. On arrival, police found a man who was attempting some holiday shopping and had pulled the doors to open them not realizing the shop was closed. No crime.

• A woman reported receiving harassing calls and texts from a man she was attempting to break communication with. Officers called the man and advised him to stop contacting her, to which he vehemently denied the accusations or even owning a phone; he promptly hung up when officers reminded him that they were, in fact, on the phone.

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