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This week's calls include: an 'undercover' suspect, a stinky garage and stolen equipment.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 378 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Jan. 3

• Police received multiple reports of thefts from unlocked vehicles overnight, with stolen goods ranging from cash, laptops, phones, and wallets, among others. Officers are investigating but remind the public to always lock vehicles when not in use.

• A caller reported a teenager was stretching and exercising along a residential street, popular among joggers and near a local gym, and then left the location on foot. Officers advised the caller to phone back if anything suspicious occurred.

• Police responded to a possible domestic disturbance during which a woman was seen banging on and kicking the front door of a residence. The woman was arrested after officers learned she had a probation stipulation barring her from being at that location, as well as for disorderly conduct. She was taken to jail.

Saturday, Jan. 4

• Police responded to a location where a pickup truck struck a man in a motorized scooter as he was crossing a major roadway. The man was transported to the hospital for serious injuries, and the Washington County Crash Analysis Reconstruction Team (CART) was deployed to investigate. The investigation is ongoing.

• Swing shift officers responded to an incident along Pacific Avenue in which a vehicle struck a pedestrian who was crossing the roadway in the dark. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital for minor injuries.

• A man reported a naked woman, whom he had arranged as a companion for the weekend, was running around their hotel talking loudly about rock legend Jon Bon Jovi. Police conducted an extensive area check and were unable to locate any nude music fans, nor any evidence that the man had a guest with him. Police ultimately determined the man was experiencing mental health issues and wasn't just giving love a bad name.

Sunday, Jan. 5

• A hotel called police to have a resident removed as they had overstayed. On contact, the man quite unconvincingly advised officers that he was actually an undercover FBI agent on a case; he was told to move along, which he did reluctantly but without incident.

• Officers responded to a residence where escalating screaming, yelling and banging had been reported. Police found a very intoxicated couple who had an argument that had gotten out of hand, but not to the point of being categorized as a crime. They agreed to separate for the night.

Monday, Jan. 6

• A storage facility reported a vehicle with broken side mirrors and a windshield full of bullet holes had been dumped at the location. Officers contacted the registered owner, who advised they were on their way to retrieve the vehicle. The damage was determined to be large cracks in the glass.

• A caller reported that one of their vehicles had been broken into the night before, and now they had arrived home to find their garage door propped open with a chair. A quick investigation revealed that a family member was airing out the garage after their dog had defecated inside.

• A medical center reported an occupied pickup was frequenting their parking lot off and on for at least two weeks, and that the driver had been observed looking in employee's cars. Police located a pair of employees at a senior living community nearby who had selected the parking lot for their lunch breaks. They were advised to choose another location.

Tuesday, Jan. 7

• A market reported a very intoxicated man was causing a scene at the location after they refused to sell him any alcohol. Undeterred, the man walked away with a pack of beer he neglected to pay for. Officers found the man outside a nearby lounge and, after a brief scuffle, took him into custody for theft and violating a no-alcohol stipulation on his probation.

• Police received multiple calls throughout the week regarding thefts from vehicles, primarily of tools and lawn equipment. During the investigation, police received multiple security videos from neighbors featuring possible suspects and a suspicious vehicle. Patrol officers spotted the vehicle soon after another report came in and tracked it to a nearby hotel. The driver was taken into custody and some stolen property was found at the location, as well as at a location in Cornelius. An investigation is ongoing.

• An officer stopped a vehicle and found the driver to be extremely confrontational and unwilling to provide a driver's license or any identifying information. The officer repeatedly explained that failure to do so would result in the driver being arrested, but the man held out until he was in the back of the patrol car. During transport, the man gave his full name and the officer found he had an outstanding warrant. He was lodged at the jail for multiple offenses.

Wednesday, Jan. 8

• A caller reported that a large quantity of motor oil had been thrown all over her home, fence, and driveway — an estimated 2 gallons in total, covering some 80 square feet. Officers are investigating.

• A caller reported that the road closure signage around the closed Highway 47 and Martin Road intersection had been vandalized and tampered with. Officers found nothing amiss.

• A customer at a convenience store requested police check on a sickly looking man who had come into the location, bought a bottle of their finest wine, wasted no time in opening and drinking it, and left on foot. Officers were unable to locate anyone in the area.

Thursday, Jan. 9

• A caller reported a man lying in a ditch in a residential area. Police found a man who was extremely intoxicated, hypothermic and surrounded by several wine bottles. He was transported to the hospital.

• Officers are investigating after the laundry facilities of multiple housing complexes in the area were found broken into and hundreds of dollars in coins missing.

• A caller reported a suspicious man came to her residence asking to use the phone and claiming that a racist was at the end of the street threatening people with a knife. Officers were unable to locate the man or any alleged criminals in the area.

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