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This week's calls include: responding to a panhandler, football-related injuries and a yellow curb.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 373 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Jan. 31

• A caller reported a possible altercation at a local gas station over one vehicle allegedly cutting another driver off. Officers were unable to locate the involved parties.

• A man reported that he had let two female friends into his hotel room, left for a short while, and returned to find the two women doing heroin. Both women left prior to police arrival, and officers were unable to find anyone matching the description in the area.

• A caller reported her daughter and babysitter were contacted by an "aggressive" panhandler and forced to hand over money. Officers contacted the kids, who advised an elderly gentlemen had asked them for money but had not made any threats, and the kids had voluntarily offered money.

Saturday, Feb. 1

• A caller reported a man had threatened a friend with a knife at a club late at night. Officers interviewed many parties and found no indication a knife was ever involved, sorting out that the situation may have been an unintentional bump into one another. The man left the bar shortly thereafter, but he was arrested a short while later after police received another call about him, this time stating he had brandished a gun and punched a hole in the wall. He was arrested and taken to jail for unlawful use of a weapon and menacing.

• Officers checked on a man, possibly drunk, who had fallen multiple times on a bus. On contact, police found the man very disoriented to time and place, but not intoxicated. He was transported to the hospital for medical services.

• A hotel reported that a man was refusing to leave the location. On contact, police found the man was in a wheelchair and required extra assistance in retrieving his items. Officers helped the man move his belongings from the location.

Sunday, Feb. 2

• Police responded to a T-bone crash along Highway 47 in which a vehicle blew through a stop sign at more than 50 mph and an oncoming northbound truck crashed into it. The driver of the speeding vehicle was found at fault and transported to the hospital for injuries.

• A caller reported finding a trail of blood in an apartment complex leading to one of the units. Police contacted the resident, who advised he had been fervently celebrating the Super Bowl in the apartment complex community center and fell several times on the way back to his residence. He was checked by medical; police found no evidence of criminal activity.

• A caller reported their teenage grandson was at their apartment making threats, attempting to break a window and had locked himself in his bedroom with a knife. Police contacted the youth, who admitted to causing a scene and pushing his mother. He was referred to juvenile services for harassment and minor in possession as marijuana was found in his room.

Monday, Feb. 3

• Officers are investigating after a parking "boot" was stolen off of a vehicle that had been immobilized by code enforcement a few days prior. The vehicle, sans boot, was found abandoned a few blocks away. The investigation continues.

• A caller reported their teen had sent nude photos to an unknown account via social media, and that the photos had since been distributed to other classmates. Police are investigating.

• Officers responded to a report of a vehicle that had significant damage and smoke coming from the front end driving along in a residential area. Police determined the vehicle was likely related to a reported hit-and-run earlier in the day; both driver and passenger were gone on police arrival. Police are investigating.

Tuesday, Feb. 4

• A caller reported a woman was painting the curbs in front of his home yellow and installing no-parking signs along the street. When challenged, she advised her husband was on the homeowners' association board and thus they had authority to do so. They did not. The husband and wife were cited for placing graffiti on public property.

• A man called police to report a fast food restaurant was refusing to give him $8 worth of food that he had purchased and left behind, along with several belongings, while intoxicated the night before. The restaurant advised him they needed a receipt to honor his purchase. The caller was advised it was a civil matter.

• Campus safety reported a man, not a student, in one of the dorms and running through campus with a knife. Police set up a containment and a K-9 track quickly found the man in the backyard of a nearby residence. The man was taken into custody and arrested on multiple charges.

Wednesday, Feb. 5

• An apartment manager reported two men were syphoning gasoline from vehicles in the parking lot and seen driving away from the location. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle but continue to investigate.

• A coffee shop employee reported that a man came into the location, used the restroom and left two pieces of luggage behind. The man returned while the officer was on scene.

• A caller reported a man was in front of a shopping center rambling and doing calisthenics. Officers spoke to the man's friend, who advised he was schizophrenic but not in any danger or distress.

Thursday, Feb. 6

• A caller reported a woman was dancing and grinding on a pole near some railroad tracks. Officers found a woman in the area who denied any such activity and stated she was just cleaning her vehicle.

• A caller reported a large amount of random items were dumped at Thatcher Park. Code enforcement was able to locate names and addresses for possible suspects on items included in the trash. The suspects were contacted and admitted to dumping the items; they agreed to clean up their mess.

• A caller reported a woman was yelling and beating on her residence door, possibly carrying a knife. Officers contacted the woman and ultimately took her into custody for disorderly conduct and an outstanding warrant.

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