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This week's calls include: marijuana coughs, strange noises from the attic and a utility scam.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 356 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Feb. 7

• A caller reported a vehicle crashed into his and continued driving. On contact, police found both drivers engaged in an argument and learned they had a history of antagonizing one another. Officers sorted out that bumpers had made contact, but they found no damage nor evidence of any criminal activity. The parties agreed to separate.

• A caller reported hearing a coughing fit, possibly vomiting, from a vehicle parked behind a neighboring hedge. Police found a crew of university students partaking in marijuana, but no signs of any medical distress. They were warned against public use of marijuana and agreed to move along.

• A woman reported she had been locked out of her house upon returning from an extended absence. Her boyfriend, who had been staying at the location, said she had left the location and had refused to pick up her belongings. Officers advised the pair to seek a civil remedy.

Saturday, Feb. 8

• An auto dealership reported a man who had gone on a test drive the day prior had returned to the location and shot a vehicle with a rifle. Police confirmed the shooting and located the suspect nearby. He was arrested for multiple crimes.

• A caller reported an unusual amount of foot and bicycle traffic seemed to surround a suspicious vehicle that was parked outside his residence late at night. Officers arrived and found the vehicle that had been reported in a previous hit-and-run. The driver was arrested.

• A caller reported suspicious noises coming from the attic of a vacant house. Officers cleared the house with the assistance of a K-9 and found no evidence of anyone in the area.

Sunday, Feb. 9

• A caller reported a woman, who is known to police, was purchasing drugs and inquired as to whether they should shadow her in an attempt to learn the seller's identity. The caller was advised to stay away from the woman and her criminal activities.

• A woman called police hoping to have her adult son removed from their house. Officers contacted the caller, who was noticeably intoxicated, and provided information about residency laws and restraining orders, which the woman declined in light of the son moving to Europe in the coming weeks. Police contacted the son, who agreed to stay away for the duration.

• A caller reported a man outside of an apartment complex was harassing a family attempting to load their car and rambling on about the Alamo. Police contacted the somewhat intoxicated man and took a report. They found no evidence of anything criminal.

Monday, Feb. 10

• A hotel owner reported a man was contacted in the parking lot who said he was lodging with a friend in a room that should have been vacant. Police found the deadbolt was locked from within, and no one answered the door. Officers made entry and found a television set was missing, and a bedsheet that had been tied to a chair hanging out of the window. Police are investigating.

• A caller reported hearing a crash late at night, and looked out to see a vehicle drive away. Officers were unable to locate a vehicle matching the description in the area but are continuing to investigate.

• A convenience store reported a man stole two large cans of beer and drove away in a pickup. Police located the vehicle a few blocks away, driven by a man who matched the description of the alleged thief. The man denied taking anything, but police spotted the loot in the car. Officers also noticed a waft of alcohol and other symptoms of intoxication. He was arrested.

Tuesday, Feb. 11

• Officers arrested a man after he had attempted to enter a clean and sober house allegedly while under the influence of methamphetamines, a violation of his probation. Upon police contact, the man attempted to enter the residence and resisted arrest. He was ultimately detained and taken to jail.

• A caller reported a friend of her roommate's son was sitting in a car in her driveway, making her uncomfortable. Police contacted the vehicle's occupant, who explained that he was attempting to retrieve documents belonging to him from the location but was unsuccessful. Police assisted in securing his documents and he was trespassed from the location.

Wednesday, Feb. 12

• A caller reported they were receiving messages from a page on social media, possibly sent by their ex. Officers determined that no crimes had actually occurred.

• Officers checked on a woman who was acting erratically at a bus stop. Police found she was not a threat to herself or others, and she moved along when asked.

Thursday, Feb. 13

• A women reported her vehicle was stolen from her driveway after she had left it on and running to warm up. Police are investigating. The Forest Grove Police Department reminds residents to not leave unattended vehicles running.

• A caller reported they had been contacted by a utility company and told they had an outstanding bill that had to be paid immediately over the phone or else their services would be shut off. The caller had sent credit card information, but they were able to cancel the cards upon realizing it was a swindle. This is a common scam. The Forest Grove Police Department reminds citizens that utility companies always send written communication and will never demand payment over the phone.

• A caller reported that a large, locked tote containing numerous tools was stolen from the bed of their pickup overnight. Officers are investigating.

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