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This week's calls include: sprayed with seltzer, beans into bombs, and driving while drunk.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 484 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, May 8

• A caller reported that a woman attempted to get on the bus but had what appeared to be "biohazard waste" on her clothing. She then took off her shoe, threw it at the bus, and reportedly ran away howling. Officers were unable to find anyone in the area.

• A business reported that an angry, recently terminated employee was blocking access into and out of their complex. Officers contacted the man, who advised he only wanted to speak with the manager. He was assisted in exiting the location.

• A caller reported that a man came through his door late at night and attempted to take money from the caller, but fled on foot when the caller pulled his firearm. Officers conducted an extensive area check and K-9 track but were unable to locate anyone in the area. Officers are investigating.

Saturday, May 9

• A woman reported that her roommate sprayed her with flavored sparkling water for reasons unknown.

• A caller reported that several drunk men were outside their residence about to fight. On arrival, officers found a few men who were enjoying some cold beer in the warm weather, but there was no evidence of any altercation.

• A man reported that his irate ex-girlfriend was coming to damage his motorcycle. He was advised to move the motorcycle to a different location.

Sunday, May 10

• Two off-duty officers spotted a man known to police to have an outstanding warrant hanging around a shopping center. Uniformed officers arrived and subsequently detained the man; a search yielded merchandise that had been stolen from the location. He was arrested.

• A citizen came into the station to report that they had purchased a car from a friend of a friend of a friend, then sold the car to the friend of a different friend, and now the vehicle had reportedly been involved in a hit-and-run crash. However, not one of the entourage had ever bothered to register the vehicle. Fortunately for the entire bunch, officers were unable to locate any record of a crash involving the vehicle.

• A caller reported they had sold an item online and that the buyer had sent a check for more than the asking price, requesting the seller then send a check with the difference upon sending the item. This is a common scam. The Forest Grove Police Department advises anyone who sells online to be wary of any overpayment of goods.

Monday, May 11

• Multiple callers reported two small fires in the park, as well as reports of explosions in the area. Officers, detectives and the Portland Police Bomb Squad responded and determined the source to be multiple cans of beans that had been smeared with an accelerant and strategically placed throughout the park. Once lit, the cans exploded. Officers were able to recover possible suspect information via surveillance video; however, the suspect was not located despite an extensive area check. Police are investigating.

• A caller reported that a man and woman were engaged in an escalating argument and that the woman was calling for help. The pair reportedly went their separate ways prior to police arrival, and officers were unable to find anyone matching their description in the area.

Tuesday, May 12

• A caller reported their neighbor had smashed out the windows of several vehicles along their residential street. Police found damage, including damage that appeared to have been caused by an axe. Officers are investigating.

• A caller reported that her adult son was demanding money from her, causing a scene and growing violent. The son had left the location prior to police arrival. However, officers found no evidence of any altercation or that any criminal activity had taken place.

• A caller reported that the tenants of his previous address had opened his unemployment mail. Police spoke with the tenants, who advised they had sent it back to the unemployment office. No crime.

Wednesday, May 13

• Just before noon, a caller reported a driver who appeared to be having a hard time staying awake along Pacific Avenue. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle, but they received a call about a vehicle matching the description parked outside of a store on Main Street. On contact, police found the man so heavily intoxicated that he could hardly stand up on his own, let alone perform any sobriety tests. He was issued a very hefty citation and released to a sober party.

• Police were called to a reported fight in an apartment complex in which one party was now on the ground. Officers found two men were doing some day drinking and an argument escalated. One party swung at the other and missed. The other returned the gesture and connected. Both were found to be in possession of large knives. One of the two also had a firearm and was cited for carrying a concealed weapon without a license.

• A patrol officer stopped a vehicle for driving erratically along 19th Avenue and developed probable cause for driving under the influence of drugs. During the stop, it was also determined that the plates on the vehicle did not belong to that vehicle, and items within the car matched stolen loot from cases in other regional jurisdictions. Citations ensued, and an investigation continues.

Thursday, May 14

• A caller reported that his granddaughter's boyfriend pulled a hatchet on him during an argument. On arrival, the boyfriend indeed had a hatchet, but he was more than 30 feet from the caller and made no threats or threatening motions. The parties agreed to separate and cool down for the night.

• Campus safety reported they ran into the suspected bean bomber from the previous day, but he fled on foot on contact. Police conducted an extensive area search but to no avail. The man was spotted awhile later in a different part of town, but the track again came up empty. Police continue to investigate.

• A caller reported that an elderly woman at the location had taken a bottle of prescription medication and then left in her vehicle toward Hillsboro. Officers located the woman nearby and took her into custody on a peace officer hold. She was transported to the hospital.

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