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This week's calls include: a missing boyfriend, a misattributed fire and vandalism at a mobile home park.

Friday, July 10

• A caller reported that during an afternoon walk, she came upon her vehicle parked near a local pond, further advising that her boyfriend had taken the car earlier to work. The vehicle keys were located in the center console and some items were missing from the car; however, there was no sight of her boyfriend. He was entered as a missing person, and police began an investigation.

• A caller reported they located a hodgepodge of copper wires, fence post connectors and other fittings lying around a vacant space on B Street. Police were were unable to locate any recent reports involving stolen items matching the description of any of the discarded goods. The items were seized as found property.

• A caller reported her vehicle had struck the back of another vehicle, documented it via photographs, exchanged insurance information, and now the other party is claiming more damage than the caller believed they had caused. Officers advised her to work with her insurance company as nothing criminal had occurred.

Saturday, July 11

• Officers responded to a location from which a woman was reported yelling "no" and screaming for help. On contact, the woman advised she was fine and suggested the person who made the report had likely done so out of spite for the political statements on her vehicle. No crime.

• Police were called to a residence where a domestic dispute was reportedly escalating. On arrival, officers found the argument was verbal only; however, one of the people involved did have an outstanding warrant. He was cited in lieu of arrest, and the parties separated.

• A caller reported a suspicious, occupied van parked late at night along Main Street that had reportedly been at the location for several hours. Police located the driver who lived around the corner who advised she just needed to get out of the house for a bit.

Sunday, July 12

• The caller from Friday reported that her missing boyfriend had returned to their residence. He was removed from the missing persons database.

• Officers responded to a location where a fight possibly involving a weapon had been reported. On arrival, officers found a woman and her boyfriend had gotten into a fight and that the male had pulled a gun. Police conducted a short investigation, and the boyfriend was arrested for menacing.

• A resident in an assisted living community reported a possible fire nearby with a crowd of people yelling "Black Lives Matter." Police located a group of people at a residence nearby and a small, very contained backyard fire, but they observed no evidence of any yelling or commotion.

• Forest Grove police responded to a traffic crash at the intersection of Highway 47 and Maple Street in which a motorcyclist and SUV collided. The cyclist was found deceased upon arrival. The countywide Crash Analysis Reconstruction Team is investigating.

Monday, July 13

• A caller reported they were having problems completing taxes because necessary documents were currently held by a friend who wouldn't release them. Officers spoke to the friend, who advised the caller had been making trouble. The paperwork was returned and peace restored.

• A caller reported that two bags of cans had been stolen from their front porch. Officers advise citizens that bags of cans should always be stored out of view and, preferably, in a secure area as they are a particularly tempting loot for thieves.

• A caller reported one man was allegedly beating another man with a strap-like object. Officers arrived and found it was horseplay; however, one of the men had a felony warrant. He was arrested.

• A caller reported a possible drug deal in process near a local school. Officers located a man and his child using wi-fi to do schoolwork.

Tuesday, July 14

• A caller reported that a vehicle drove by their residence and threw a large amount of possibly stolen mail out the window. Officers located the owner of the mail and returned the items.

• A caller reported that his now-deceased mother had stolen thousands of dollars from him while he was incarcerated.

• A caller reported that a substantial amount of property, including fences, flags and plants, had been damaged at a mobile home park. All had since been repaired. No suspect information was available.

Wednesday, July 15

• A caller reported witnessing a female driver stumble out of a convenience store, fall while attempting to get into her vehicle and then drive away. Officers located the woman and subsequently arrested her on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants. She was taken to jail, and her blood alcohol content was later found to be more than twice the legal limit.

• A caller reported that her friend had borrowed her vehicle, and now she wanted it reported stolen. Officers explained that because she had let her friend use the car, it did not meet the criteria to be considered stolen.

• Officers responded to a location from which a physical altercation possibly involving a weapon was underway. Officers located two women who had been arguing, one of whom denied any physical contact while the other initially stated they had been choked and threatened with a knife, but recanted mid-statement. Both then stated they were fine and neither wanted to be a victim. They were, however, issued a chronic nuisance citation.

Thursday, July 16

• A woman called police to report her vehicle had been stolen by an acquaintance and possibly sold. On location, a witness informed police that the woman had in fact let the man use the car and had agreed to return it. Moreover, officers learned the caller was not, in fact, the vehicle's owner and, thereby, couldn't report it stolen. No crime.

• A caller reported a road rage incident after he had flashed a vehicle for allegedly brake-checking him and going 10 mph under the speed limit. The caller then followed the vehicle to the driver's residence to apologize for being aggressive. The apology apparently did not go as planned, and an argument with others at the driver's apartment complex was now escalating. Officers arrived and talked at length with the caller about making better decisions and sent him on his way.

• Police responded to a location from which an abrupt call about an overdose had been placed. On arrival, officers located an unresponsive man who showed signs of drug overdose. Officers deployed Naloxone, an opioid antidote, three times and the man regained consciousness. He was transported to the hospital.

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