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This week's calls include: a one-sided food fight, a displaced sink and mysterious dumped furniture.

Friday, July 24

• A civic club reported an unknown person stuffed candles into the plumbing at their meeting location, damaging the pipes. Police are investigating.

• A caller reported that an angry customer threw an egg roll at another customer. Officers ultimately sorted out that the pitcher left the location after the poorly thrown delicacy missed its intended target, but nothing criminal had actually occurred. All parties went about their way.

• A caller reported they smelled cat urine outside their residence and were concerned it may be indicative of methamphetamine use in the area, as Google results suggest they have a similar odor. Officers determined the source was most likely feline.

• A local bar reported a man ordered several drinks and left the location in his vehicle without paying. The vehicle was reported shortly after several blocks away after it rear-ended a driver at a major intersection and drove off. The driver was ultimately intercepted in Cornelius, where they also struck a patrol car. The driver was arrested on multiple charges, including driving under the influence of intoxicants, theft of services, and reckless driving, among others.

Saturday, July 25

• Officers responded to a location where a man reportedly approached some al fresco diners and flipped over their table. He was located a short distance away and, after a scuffle with officers, arrested.

• A caller reported a man and woman in a small SUV stole a large quantity of mail from a community mailbox late at night. Officers performed an area check and located a vehicle matching the description. Though both suspects in the vehicle denied any involvement, officers found mail and checks not addressed to them in their possession. They were arrested.

• A caller reported they had woken up to a sound in their kitchen in the middle of the night and walked in to find a man in the process of attempting to steal a jar of coins. The would-be thief reportedly left the location, only to return an hour later, at which point the residents contacted law enforcement. Police are investigating but remind citizens to always contact police immediately upon finding an intruder in their residence.

Sunday, July 26

• A local bar reported two patrons ripped a bathroom sink off the wall because the bartender refused to serve them. Police are investigating.

• A patrol officer spotted a man known to have multiple outstanding warrants resting in a vehicle along Pacific Avenue. Hoping to dissuade the officer, the man provided false identification on contact; however, he had already tried to use the same information unsuccessfully during previous contacts. He was arrested.

• A caller reported a minivan struck two vehicles outside of an apartment complex and then drove away. Police located the vehicle unoccupied a short distance away, but they were unable to locate the driver. Police are investigating.

Monday, July 27

• A caller reported his mom and her boyfriend were fighting. Police determined mom was upset because the boyfriend came home drunk and crashed her car en route. It just so happened the crash had been called in as a hit-and-run in Hillsboro. The boyfriend was arrested.

• A caller reported that the owner of a convenience store had been assaulted. Officers arrived and found that the owner had gotten into an argument with a teenager about skateboarding on the property and loitering. It was determined that nothing criminal had actually taken place.

• Officers checked on a man after a caller reported receiving a distressing text that he was trapped in his vehicle. On arrival, officers found the man had been able to free himself.

Tuesday, July 28

• A caller reported a suspicious man came into a convenience store carrying a pocketknife and bag that he repeatedly reached into. Officers found the man outside waiting for the bus. While he was indeed in possession of a pocketknife, police found no evidence he had made any threats.

• A secondhand store reported a customer left the store without paying for two picture frames.

• Officers responded to a location where an altercation between a woman and ex-boyfriend was reportedly underway. The male left prior to police arrival, and officers were unable to locate him in the area. The woman advised the argument had been verbal only. Police found no evidence of any criminal activity and advised her to call if there were any further issues.

Wednesday, July 29

• A caller reported that a juvenile ran out from behind a car and collided with her vehicle. The juvenile was transported for minor injury; smudges on the vehicle indicated the youth ran into the side of the vehicle.

• A caller reported ongoing issues with their neighbors dumping furniture outside their residence. On speaking with the involved parties, officers found the neighbors had no idea who was dumping the items either. Public Works disposed of the items; neighbors were advised to call should more discarded items appear.

• A caller reported a man throwing garbage, knocking over newspaper boxes and otherwise creating a large mess in a store parking lot. The man was gone on arrival; however, the description matched a man known to police who had been seen in the area throughout the day. Officers are investigating.

• A caller reported a fight in progress at one of the local schools late in evening. Officers arrived and found parents playing tag with their children.

Thursday, July 30

• Officers checked on a man after a caller reported receiving a text from a friend requesting medical attention. On contact, the man was quite angry to have been disturbed and slammed the door on police and medical personnel, which responders took to mean he was feeling better and not needing emergency services.

• A caller reported an unknown woman without any pants had walked up to his front porch. On contact, police found the woman very confused and making statements about having been locked in a shed. Police were able to identify her and contact her husband. She was transported to the hospital for dehydration and a mental health evaluation.

• Officers responded to a local hotel from which an incoherent call to dispatch had been made. Officers found a man who was going through alcohol withdrawal. He was transported to the hospital.

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