This week's calls include: a noisy dispute, an alleged 'hamburglar' and a plastic bone.

Friday, March 12

While on patrol, a swing shift officer spotted a vehicle known to be associated with a man with an outstanding warrant. Following a traffic stop the driver was arrested. At the same time, a vehicle driven by a woman with an outstanding felony warrant drove up to the scene. She was also arrested and transported to jail.

Officers responded to four separate incidents at a residence late at night where the occupants were engaged in drinking, arguing, slamming doors, and threatening each other. It was determined nothing physical had occurred. After the fourth response, a noise complaint citation was issued.

Officers responded to a local church where a woman was causing a scene and refusing to leave after services were over. She requested multiple rides to Hillsboro but was denied. She decided she needed an ambulance, but it did not arrive fast enough, and she left the area on foot. A short time later, a bus driver reported the same woman was creating a disturbance. She was eventually transported via ambulance to a Hillsboro hospital after agreeing to seek a medical evaluation.

Saturday, March 13

Officers arrested a man after he struck his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend with a 2x4 board, causing injury.

Officers responded to a report of a cup filled with urine left outside a business. The urine was disposed of, and extra patrols will be conducted in the area.

Officers responded to a report of a gun stolen from a vehicle overnight. The case is under investigation.

Officers responded to an altercation between juveniles involving a knife at a local park. One youth, noticeably under the influence, had flashed the knife after feeling threatened by a large group of teens. It was determined it had not been used to menace. The youth carrying it was referred to juvenile services for possession of a controlled substance.

Sunday, March 14

Officers responded to a report of a man who went into a local gym, started running and jumping while laughing, yelling, and acting erratically. He was gone upon arrival and was not able to be located.

Officers responded to a report of a possible drunk motorist swerving and driving into oncoming traffic on Highway 47. A second report was received of a similar vehicle that blew through a stop sign, across a lawn, and into the bushes next to one of the dorms at the college. The driver was located uninjured but extremely intoxicated and disoriented. He was transported to a hospital for evaluation and cited for DUII and reckless driving.

Monday, March 15

Officers responded to a report of a man dressed up like a hamburger walking into traffic along Pacific Avenue late at night. The rogue hamburger was nowhere to be found, nor did any local restaurants report missing inventory.

Officers responded to a resident who reported their children's passports and a cell phone had been stolen. The case is under investigation.

Officers responded to a report of a man blocking the bike lane along Pacific Avenue with his arms out like a gorilla. He was gone upon arrival.

Officers responded to a report from a resident of three suspicious teens that jumped her fence. They turned out to be friends of her son.

Tuesday, March 16

While on patrol, a night shift officer spotted a man known to have an outstanding warrant in a fast food restaurant parking lot. He was cited in lieu of a trip to jail.

Officers responded to a report of a woman who smashed out the glass of a fire extinguisher case at an apartment complex. She was cited for criminal mischief. Later in the evening, the same woman was contacted after a driver reported they were attempting to assist her by offering her a ride; however, she was breaking things, throwing items out the window and refusing to exit the vehicle. She was transported to a hospital for evaluation.

Officers assisted the Cornelius Fire Department, Forest Grove Fire & Rescue, and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, as well as other area law enforcement agencies, in responding to a large fire at an ethanol factory in Cornelius. They also helped area residents who had been evacuated from their homes.

Wednesday, March 17

Officers responded to a report of a man lying in a ditch on the outskirts of town. He advised he was waiting for his girlfriend to pick him up. It was discovered he was a registered sex offender who had not updated his information in quite some time. He was cited for failure to register as a sex offender.

Officers responded to a report of a femur bone, too small to be human, found outside a local restaurant. The bone was determined to be made of plastic and relocated to a trash can.

Officers responded to a report at a local hotel that a man checked in with an older female guest, left the location, then returned later with a different, younger female guest who had the same first name, which seemed suspicious. It was determined the matter was coincidental and nothing criminal had occurred.

Thursday, March 18

A patrol officer attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation; however the motorist failed to yield and continued driving, finally pulling into a store parking lot. A man exited the vehicle and said he was on his way to work and continued to walk away despite instructions to stop. He was cited for several traffic violations, resisting arrest and interference with a police officer.

Officers took a report from a resident who said she had a mouse problem in her apartment that the landlord failed to resolve to her satisfaction. She was advised the matter was civil in nature.

Officers responded to a report from a resident of a noisy truck idling in their neighborhood late at night. The owner of the truck was contacted, and the noise was not unreasonable. Shortly after, officers received a call from the owner of the truck who reported his neighbor was harassing him by calling in noise complaints and had left their trash cans in the wrong location. It was advised that the matter was now a civil issue.

Officers responded to a report from a resident who saw someone try the handle of a car door late at night on 21st Avenue. The owner of the vehicle was not able to be located, but there was no evidence the door had been opened and nobody was found in the area.

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