This week's calls include: heavily intoxicated drivers, a disagreement in a store and a suspect drive-thru customer.

Friday, April 2

Officers conducted a welfare check on a half-dressed man who appeared to be fading in and out of consciousness outside of an apartment complex. The man was under the influence of narcotics and transported to a hospital for evaluation. He was later arrested on outstanding felony warrant.

Officers responded to a report from a hotel employee of two drunk and boisterous individuals refusing to leave the location. At the scene, two not particularly friendly minors were heavily intoxicated and in possession of alcohol. Both were charged with MIP and released to their not particularly happy parents.

While patrolling a residential neighborhood, a night shift officer stopped a vehicle that was observed driving all over the road. The driver was noticeably intoxicated and arrested on suspicion of DUII. The man was later found to have had nearly twice the legal BAC.

Saturday, April 3

Officers were advised by the Hillsboro Police Department that a stolen vehicle they were tracking was headed into Forest Grove via Highway 47. A spike strip was deployed and successfully stopped the car. The driver was arrested.

A swing shift officer stopped a vehicle on Cedar Street for driving all over the road and nearly crashing into a telephone pole. The driver was arrested after a strong odor and bloodshot eyes hinted at marijuana use. During the stop, the officer observed another car blow through a red light driving the wrong way on 19th Avenue before pulling into a nearby parking lot. Other units arrived and the noticeably intoxicated driver was arrested for DUII and later found to have more than twice the legal BAC.

Officers took a report of a late-night case of ding-dong-ditch by some kids at an apartment complex. The resident was advised to speak with management or set up a camera.

Officers took a call from a resident inquiring about the legalities of starting a pornographic website out of their home to augment their income. It was advised that if children are not involved or exposed, there are no laws against it.

Sunday, April 4

Officers took a report from a resident that someone broken into their fenced backyard and stole a motor bike. The case is under investigation.

A swing shift officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. A passenger was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Officers received multiple reports of an escalating physical disturbance at a residence involving a man and woman. At the scene, both parties had visible injuries but gave wildly different explanations as to what occurred. A witness pointed out the instigator, who was arrested for harassment and disorderly conduct.

Monday, April 5

Officers took a report from a resident that their phone had been hacked and nude photographs had been disseminated publicly.

Officers responded to a report of a possible theft in progress at a convenience store and the suspect left on a bus after being chased by an employee. The alleged thief was located and advised he bought the items, but the store employee was angry with him, which was confirmed with the employee. It was determined no crime occurred.

A night shift officer observed a vehicle blow through a stop sign on B Street. The motorist failed to yield, circled the block, and blew through two more stop signs before coming to a stop in a gravel plot. Officers converged on the location and detained the driver, who explained the vehicle did not have any brakes. The vehicle's registered owner was contacted, who confirmed the brakes were bad. The driver was cited for multiple violations and strongly admonished to have the brakes fixed.

Tuesday, April 6

Officers took a report from a resident who had paid for their daughter to rent a moving truck for her relocation to Florida. The daughter recruited someone to return it, but the truck never made it to its final destination. It was advised to contact the daughter for more information and report the vehicle as stolen in Florida.

Officers responded to a request from a hotel employee to check on the occupants of a room who were past due to check out. Both occupants were known to authorities. Upon knocking on the door, officers heard screaming and entered the room to find the occupants had jumped out of a window, presumably attempting to avoid them. One fled on foot; the other missed the landing and broke her leg. She was transported to the hospital. The other occupant was unable to be located.

Officers took a report from a resident who stated a woman had attempted to withdraw more than $10,000 from her account to send to an unknown person. An astute bank employee stopped the withdrawal on suspicion that it was a scam. The case is under investigation.

Wednesday, April 7

A patrol officer spotted a suspicious vehicle parked on Maple Street that had been reported stolen out of Eugene. The driver was not cooperative and unconvincingly offered false identification, which may have been because of an outstanding warrant found upon learning his real name. The man was arrested on the warrant and other charges.

A night shift officer stopped a suspicious man walking in the street on Pacific Avenue in the wee hours of the morning. Following an investigation, the man was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant and for possession of a significant amount of methamphetamine.

Officers responded to a report from a fast food restaurant employee of a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot late at night that did not appear to belong to a customer. Upon arrival, the vehicle was in the drive-thru picking up an order, and it was determined no crime occurred.

Thursday, April 8

While on patrol, an officer overheard yelling coming from a van parked on Hawthorne Street. Three individuals were contacted nearby. One man was arrested on multiple outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants.

Officers responded to a report of a vehicle that hit a parked car and drove away while the driver was allegedly using their phone. The suspect was located and cited for hit-and-run and driving while suspended.

Officers responded to a report from a resident that a suspicious man was walking in circles around his cul-de-sac and leering at his wife. The man was geocaching with his phone and was also a resident of the neighborhood. There was no word on whether any treasure was recovered.

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