This week's calls include: a fake fake $100 report, a stuck skunk and an exhausted donkey-chaser.

Friday, May 7

Officers responded to a call from a motorist who was concerned her vehicle would run out of fuel, stranding her and her baby in the middle of the night. She was directed to an open gas station and followed closely to ensure she reached it safely.

Officers responded to a secondhand store where a customer attempted to pass a fake $100 bill. The money was taken to a nearby bank and found to be legitimate. It was determined there was no crime.

Officers responded to a report from a resident who said a man parked his car near the high school, removed a backpack from the trunk, and walked onto the ball fields, which was suspicious. On arrival, no one was found in the area.

Saturday, May 8

Officers assisted Washington County deputies in responding to a location in Gaston where a physical altercation was underway. On arrival, one subject was bleeding and the other covered in blood. Officers further learned the incident had occurred in view of children. The instigator was arrested and transported to jail.

Officers responded to a report of a naked man inside the women's restroom at a local park. On arrival, a fully clothed man was found who advised he was simply responding to nature's call and did not realize he was in the wrong restroom.

Officers responded to a report from a resident who stated their neighbor was loitering around their shared fence hurling insults and "talking crap." On arrival, the neighbor was found to be intoxicated but quite keen to air longstanding grievances at an elevated volume. After a chat, the neighbor agreed to go to bed for the night.

Sunday, May 9

Officers responded to a report of a skunk in the middle of a residential street that appeared to have its head stuck in a plastic container. The critter was carefully approached, and the container removed, allowing the skunk to scamper away.

Officers responded to a coffee shop where an employee reported two customers physically fighting in the parking lot. One subject was angry over the other allegedly cutting in line. Both sides offered conflicting accounts. The case is under investigation.

Officers received multiple reports of thefts from vehicles, including several break-ins in a residential area near the high school. The cases are under investigation.

Officers responded to a report from a resident who found what appeared to be a severed cat leg in their grass. It was determined it was more likely from a rabbit that had been eaten by predators.

Monday, May 10

Officers took a report from a resident who said their utility trailer had been stolen over the weekend. The case is under investigation.

Officers responded to a report from a resident who could see a man and woman physically fighting outside their home before they drove off together. The couple was located and advised they had an argument but only words were exchanged.

Officers received a tip that a man they were searching for was at a local store. He was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant and transported to jail.

Tuesday, May 11

Officers responded to a report from a resident who found a footprint on a cabinet near their back door. The print was examined, and it was determined it was unlikely from a shoe, given the structure's inability to support any weight.

Officers responded to a report from a resident who stated two young girls were pushed into a nearby pond. The juveniles admitted they had lied about being pushed to evade any consequences they might face by choosing to go for a swim. It was determined there was no crime.

While on patrol, a night shift officer spotted a heated exchange between three men in the middle of the roadway. The men tried to explain it was an ongoing argument over one allegedly attempting to stab the other a few months ago. The alleged stabbing is pending further investigation.

Officers responded to a business where a customer reported two employees were "flipping out" on another customer and shoved him out of the store. The employees advised the man had become confrontational after a machine broke down and they escorted him out. The customer did not like the way it was handled. The case is under investigation.

Wednesday, May 12

Officers responded to a report from a resident who saw a box truck at the intersection of Martin Road and Highway 47 leaking what appeared to be blood. The vehicle was not located and there was no evidence of any substances on the roadway.

Officers responded to a coffee shop where a woman appeared to be intoxicated and asked for alcohol, then left once advised they could not supply any. On arrival, the woman was sitting in her car, which she promptly moved into a disabled parking spot. She was found to be noticeably under the influence and was arrested for DUII.

Officers conducted a welfare check on a woman who seemed in distress sitting in the middle of the road. The woman told police she was attempting to locate a local hotel to sleep for the night. She was escorted to a nearby inn.

Officers responded to a store where a woman, possibly under the influence of drugs, was outside the location bothering customers. On arrival, there was no evidence anything criminal had occurred. She agreed to go on her way, which turned out to be a few blocks away and into a private residence where it was reported a strange woman had invited herself inside. It was deduced she was under the influence of a stimulant, which was a violation of her probation and she was arrested.

Thursday, May 13

Officers responded to a report of a possible DUII after a semi-truck was observed swerving all over the highway. Following contact, the driver explained he was tired from a long day's work and lack of a good night's sleep on account of chasing donkeys that had escaped. It was determined there was no crime.

Office responded to a pizza restaurant where an irate woman came into the location and threatened employees, upset her pizza was too greasy. The business had already refunded the customer ,and after denying she made any such threats, she left.

Officers responded to a report of a woman walking in the roadway on B Street screaming and cursing. No one matching her description was located.

Officers responded to a report of a child that was struck by a vehicle while waiting for the school bus. The child was transported to a hospital with serious injuries. The driver remained on scene during the investigation. It was determined there was no indication of wrongdoing.

Editor's note: Police logs are a partial accounting of law enforcement calls, based on activity reports and descriptions generated by participating police departments. All persons accused of a crime are legally considered to be innocent until proven guilty. Accounts of events are based on police and eyewitness reports.

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