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The Forest Grove Police Department describes calls for service from June 3-9, 2022.

Editor's note: Police logs are a partial accounting of law enforcement calls, based on activity reports and descriptions generated by participating police departments. All persons accused of a crime are legally considered to be innocent until proven guilty.

Friday, June 3

Police received a rather colorful phone call from an irate man wanting to know why a Forest Grove police officer left a business card at his door. Officers explained it pertained to the numerous misdemeanor and felony warrants he currently had outstanding. After a long phone call and consent to contact him at his location, he was eventually arrested without incident and lodged on the warrants.

Police were called to a domestic disturbance involving two family members late at night, during which one individual allegedly assaulted the other and then left on foot. While a K-9 track was unsuccessful, a Forest Grove police officer spotted the individual walking along a residential street. They were arrested and lodged for assault.

A ride-share driver reported a heavily intoxicated customer was not getting out of the vehicle at his requested destination. Officers assisted in waking up the customer and ensuring he went inside his residence safely.

Saturday, June 4

Officers responded to a rear-end crash in a fast-food drive-thru. The rear vehicle's driver was cited after it was learned she intentionally bumped the car in front of her, as she felt the driver in front of her was taking too long with their order. No injuries or damage occurred.

Police were called to a domestic dispute in which a man allegedly assaulted both of his parents and left on foot. He was ultimately located, and upon advising the man he was being arrested, the officer was accosted by the man's numerous, rather intoxicated friends. More officers were called to the scene as the friends attempted to prevent the man from being detained. He was ultimately arrested and lodged on numerous charges; an investigation into the friends' behavior is also underway.

Sunday, June 5

A caller reported a naked man crawling in the middle of the street, yelling obscenities. The man was gone prior to police arrival. However, officers received a call a short while later that a man matching his description had returned to a residence a few blocks away, sweating profusely, acting erratically and apparently experiencing a medical emergency. The man was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

A caller reported multiple juveniles playing on the roof of one of the local schools. Officers located the youths, who admitted to climbing on the building; police outlined a series of reasons why this might not be the best idea. Parents were also contacted.

A late-night caller reported hearing a loud crash and other suspicious sounds, possibly from raccoons, outside their residence. The suspected masked bandits were nowhere to be seen.

Monday, June 6

Police responded to a residence where a man known to have multiple outstanding warrants was said to be wandering around the house while under the influence and armed with a knife. After setting up a perimeter, police spoke with the man via phone and convinced him to exit the residence. He complied and was arrested without incident.

Police are investigating after thousands of dollars' worth of materials were stolen from a construction site.

Police received a tip that a local motorcycle "gang" was outside an apartment complex using drugs. After further discussion, officers found the caller was noticeably intoxicated and couldn't provide any reasons as to why he believed the bikers were using drugs other than that they rode motorcycles, which officers explained is not probable cause to suspect someone is engaged in illicit behavior. No crime.

Tuesday, June 7

Night shift officers responded to a report of a suspicious person walking through a neighborhood in the middle of the night, peering into cars. While searching for the subject, officers were flagged down about a missing elderly woman with dementia who had reportedly left a residence in the same vicinity a short while earlier. Officers located the woman walking along the road, matching the description of the suspicious person. She was assisted in returning home.

A convenience store employee reported a late-night customer threw something at the clerk after being denied the purchase of alcohol and left the location on foot. The customer was located a short while later by Cornelius police officers, who advised the customer that they were banned from the store.

A store reported a man who had previously shoplifted was back at the location. On seeing officers, the man transferred merchandise from his hoodie back onto the store shelves. He agreed to leave and was trespassed from the property.

Wednesday, June 8

A citizen reported he received a small business loan for more than $40,000, which he never applied for or received. An investigation is underway, and the Small Business Administration is assisting in resolving the issue.

A rather intoxicated caller reported a fellow resident had stolen her debit card while she was sleeping. Officers contacted the caller and the residents in question, and it was eventually determined the card was likely misplaced. While servicing the call, police were approached by a man known to have multiple, rather long-outstanding warrants. He was lodged at the jail.

A caller reported their mother had borrowed the caller's car and it was then stolen. After a little digging, police found the vehicle had in fact been privately towed. No crime.

Thursday, June 9

A contractor turned over a plastic bag they found containing white powder labeled "Anthony's Cocaine." No word on who Anthony is, but he may be disappointed to find his "cocaine" was actually powdered sugar.

A late-night caller reported someone drove a vehicle through their yard and parked on the lawn. Officers found the driver noticeably intoxicated. They were arrested for DUII and later found to have more than four times the legal blood alcohol content.

Day shift received a report from a caller who stated they had a disagreement with someone over social media and now the other person was posting negative things about them. Later, swing shift was contacted by a different caller who reported their ex's other ex was harassing this caller's children on social media and by phone. And not to be outdone, night shift also received a report from yet another caller stating their ex was posting less-than-flattering things about them on Facebook. In total, the Forest Grove Police Department received eight separate calls regarding negative posts on social media on this day.

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