Too much gun coverage?

Since there’s been so little media attention devoted to guns and violence, I was pleased that you featured the subject on the front page of your Jan. 16 issue.

The large, colorful picture of a no-nonsense gun dealer instructing us on how to quickly load a 15-clip magazine into a semi-automatic Glock was reassuring, as was the arsenal of rifles behind him. Unfortunately, there weren’t any assault weapons in the picture or any timely advice on how to use them, but perhaps you can remedy that absence in later issues.

You are to be commended for your courage in so graphically reminding us of the importance of guns in our society. We might otherwise not remember. Keep up the good work.

George Evans

Forest Grove

Sheriffs guided by laws, not presidents

Regarding your your Jan. 23 editorial cartoon (depicting a county sheriff car in a neglected junkyard): I get it, but don't get it.  

I suppose it shows one or any number of sheriffs' departments becoming irrelevant, or "lost in the weeds" for having taken a position of non-support regarding one or more of President Obama's executive orders.

I for one, can appreciate a public official that takes an oath of office that includes "protect and defend the constitution of the United States" and means what he says. Perhaps the cartoonist is trying to say that the sheriff has placed himself and his department at risk of being replaced by a person or force that takes an oath to serve the president rather than the people and our nation.

Roger Van Dyke

Forest Grove

Limits on guns are dangerous

Ten supposedly highly trained professionals fire their weapons and the bad guy still lives. If Sen. Feinstein and other well-intentioned liberals have their way, I will be stuck with seven bullets in my gun trying, in the middle of the night, to protect my family from one, two or maybe even three bad guys. What happens if I miss just five times? 

The country is broke. Fix that first, you idiots.


Krystof Zmudzinski

Forest Grove

Thatcher Park safety an issue

Once more as I drove from my home on Thatcher Road for an evening meeting in town, I came close to hitting a young person walking in the dark and rain between town and Thatcher Park, past its intersection with David Hill Road.

It was 5:45 p.m. and very dark. Luckily, his jacket fabric had black and white checks, and I saw the white checks. Once again, I am so grateful that I saw in time to avoid hitting him.

I don't want someone killed on that dangerous stretch of local road, a place of common pedestrian use, but intermittent sidewalk. I don't want to be the one who kills someone there, either. I have seen younger children on bright, sunny days ride bikes straight across from one side to the other on Thatcher, never realizing cars coming east can't even see them due to hills and curves. This is a 40-mile an hour zone.

What are current plans — and a timeline— to finish work around what

the city has proudly held up as our newest park? Please put safe sidewalks and easy, marked crossing locations before a child dies and someone carries that lifetime burden of having killed her.

Robin Lindsley

Forest Grove

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