Legislature gives Cornelius a wonderful gift

Congratulations Cornelius and western Washington County!

Thanks to state Rep. Ben Unger, state Sen. Bruce Starr and the rest of our supporters from the Oregon Legislature, Cornelius will receive $2.4 million in state funds to pay for half the cost of a new city library. Mayor Jef Dalin and the Cornelius City Council had supported going out for a city bond in May, and now we won’t need to do so. This is a wonderful turn of events for our city!

A city library expansion has been considered for more than 10 years by interested supporters of the library. It is those folks who have donated hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to bring the library project this far. In addition to a replacement library on the ground floor, the top two floors will house 41 units of affordable senior housing being financed and constructed by Bienestar, Inc., of Hillsboro. Bienestar is an affordable housing nonprofit agency that has multiple successful projects throughout the county, including units in Cornelius.

Library use has grown by more than 850 percent in the last 30 years since we last expanded into the current 3,025 square foot space. We had 77,000 library visits last year. The library offers many services that support education and the local economy, including children’s literacy programs, free computer access and help, education and cultural resources, and bilingual programs. The new library will have 13,000 square feet of space for more books, reading, seating, computing and program areas.

The new library and affordable housing project will be a nice addition to our downtown area. This new three-story building will help spur redevelopment and promote pride in our community.

The Friends of the Cornelius Library organization will continue its generous work by beginning the $2.4 million capital campaign as planned. Show your support by renewing your Friends of the Cornelius Library membership, volunteering or making a donation to the campaign.

Rob Drake

Cornelius City Manager

There is no playground at Hagg Lake yet

After reading the “InBrief” section in your March 12 issue about there being a playground at Hagg Lake, we were very disappointed to find out that it is not there.

I called the phone number provided on the website for Hagg Lake, and spoke to a very nice lady. She let me know that, at the very latest, the playground, as well as new grass and a beach, will be done around July.

Although we were disappointed that these things were missing, we still enjoyed the nice sunny day at the lake.

Betsy Hauser


Terry has long record of strong service to county

I wholeheartedly support the re-election of Bob Terry as the commissioner for the Washington County Board of Commissioners, District 4. The politics and budget decisions the current board has approved has enabled Washington County to grow as the economic engine for the state of Oregon in the high tech industry, as well as such areas as diverse as agriculture and tourism.

Washington County is a dynamic, diverse county blessed with growth in both jobs and population. The county has pursued a controlled growth set of policies, coupled with prudent conservation policies that have enabled the county to provide services to our diverse population.

Commissioner Terry has owned Fisher Farms, a regional provider of value-added nursery stock, employing over 150 people with products sold throughout most of the United States.

He has a long history of service with various community and nursery industry associations. His community activities include past chair and president of the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, chair and founder of the Oregon International Air Show, member of the Washington County budget committee for 14 years as well as serving on other boards and committees.

Commissioner Terry’s opponent (Elizabeth Furse) claims she is running because she wants to shift the “bias” on the board from land developers to environmentalism, favoring high-density living, alternative transportation, expanded social welfare and opposing the county’s proposed Event Center and Veterans Plaza at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

She has also spoken and written of tax giveaways and backroom deals being made; however, there have never been any specifics given of what these tax giveaways and backroom deals are. Her election would launch a major shift from responsible economic growth to leftist social engineering, high taxes and anti-business policies.

Please vote for Bob!

John Leeper


Contract Publishing

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