Writers want positive start for kindergarteners; recommend 'yes' vote on city of Forest Grove levy

Youngest students need positive start

Thank you for reporting excellent news with school board trending to smaller classes for kinders this year. Outdoor school is back on to the delight of kids and community. Way to go school board!

I saw 30 and 31 in kinder last year at Dilley. I respect the teacher's valiant effort to get to everyone, but with those kind of numbers it was a futile task. Social and emotional skills suffered. The whole class moved on to huge classes again trying to meet basic needs.

It's not too late to do what's best for kids and get another teacher over there. Moving those kids from survival skills to thriving is our heart's goal. It's the kids who need direct instruction and many different strategies to learn that suffered most. Why are they in a crowded environment again this year? Setting a priority of our youngest getting a successful positive start is the 'good stuff.'

Shannon Brown

Forest Grove

Vote yes on Measure 34-276

As a resident of Forest Grove for 20-plus years, I urge voters to support the Forest Grove Levy Measure 34-276. It will help the city to maintain, train and equip our firefighters.

Last year your fire department responded to more than 3,800 calls — more than 10 per day. As a volunteer firefighter with your department for 18 years, I can assure you that our current staffing of career and volunteer firefighters is needed to keep response times down and service high. Over 30 percent of the department's funding comes from this levy.

Forest Grove Fire & Rescue is one of the most innovative and community-oriented fire departments in Oregon, providing fire paramedics for emergency medical calls, structure and wildland fire suppression for both urban and the surrounding rural communities, and a host of other programs including fire prevention, education and disaster preparedness.

Measure 34-276 asks voters to reauthorize the fire levy at the same rate that was approved by voters in five years ago — $1.60 per $1,000 of assessed value. It is not a new tax.

Please help Forest Grove Fire & Rescue to help you, and vote yes on Measure 34-276.

Jeffrey Bade

Forest Grove

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