Matt Vandehey, who is likely moving to Banks, says experience on panel has been rewarding

MATT VANDEHEYMany may already know but for those who do not, I am in the process of selling my home and moving out of town. An opportunity recently became available for me to purchase a home owned by my parents. The house is located in Banks and has been a rental property for a while now. Their recent decision to sell (it) has provided my family with a good opportunity.

Moving, in general, is a horribly inconvenient and stressful thing to undertake. This move (assuming the sale goes through) is increasingly difficult because moving to a different town will require me to resign from the Forest Grove City Council.

When I decided to run for city council around this time last year, I had no intentions or plans to move from Forest Grove. Life can change quickly, however, and now here we are, in the process of moving out of town. I am disappointed that I will not be able to complete my term on the council and I feel bad about the position I have put the rest of council and city staff in as they now have to appoint a replacement.

Although resigning so early into a commitment is disappointing to me, I have no regrets in my decision to run. This community is very important to me and so being involved with its direction and continued development has been a great privilege and not one I will soon forget. The reason I did not make a public comment on this earlier is because there are no certainties in the process of selling a home.

If for some reason the sale of our home does not go through, we will not be moving and I will continue to serve on the council. If everything continues as planned, we will close on our house in the middle of October. When the sale becomes final, I will officially turn in my resignation.

Because of the timeline, the first meeting in October will likely be my last. I want to say thank you to the mayor and all members of the council as well as city staff. I may have had differing views and opinions then other councilors at times but I never lost sight of the fact that each individual sitting at that dais is doing what they truly feel is the best for our city.

When deciding to run for city council, I knew it would be a challenging and sometimes stressful experience. The one thing I did end up underestimating, however, was just how rewarding the experience would be. This time on the council has strengthened my appreciation for our city's staff and services. I think everyone within our community should be proud of how professional and community-conscious our city employees are.

I hope my short stint on the council will not deter people from voting in younger members of our community in the future. It is important to me to have a wide range of viewpoints represented on our council. I approached all matters with an open mind and I hope the next councilor will do the same.

Thank you.

Matt Vandehey is a Forest Grove City Councilor.

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