Writers support Forest Grove levy, praise local athletes for acknowledging national anthem

Support 'critical services'

by voting yes on levy

I support the Forest Grove local option levy, Ballot Measure 34-276, that provides additional funds for police, fire, aquatic center, parks and library. It was first approved over 15 years ago and has been approved every five years since then. It is approximately 49 percent of police revenue and 30 percent of fire department revenue.

The majority of the levy would go to the Forest Grove police and fire departments. If it does not pass, essential services are still funded, but to a much lesser degree.

A few of the things that passing the levy would provide is allowing the police department to maintain the current number of police officers and response times to emergencies. Funding also helps support our library, pool and parks.

For the fire department, it would also maintain the current number of firefighters and response times for emergencies, continue prevention, safety and disaster preparedness programs, and continue supporting equipment used by our first responders to provide critical life-saving services to us.

The same fixed rate of $1.60 per thousand of assessed value would continue for the renewed levy. For a homeowner with an assessed value (not the same as market value!) of $250,000 it would be about $400 per year — that is only about $1.10 per day. This is not a tax increase; it is the same amount approved five years ago.

Approving this local option levy would continue our support for the Forest Grove police department and fire department. Please join me in supporting these critical services.

Ashley Roth

Forest Grove

Athletes who ignore national anthem don't deserve what U.S. has given them

I went to a high school girls volleyball game the other night and it was wonderful. All of the talented players and the entire audience stood up and, with their hands over their hearts, proudly sang our national anthem while facing the flag of the United States.

So, regarding this furor over the players in the NFL refusing to honor the United States, and instead dishonor the greatest country in the world, I proudly state the following:

I would rather go support high school sports where I can see kids behaving as proud American adults, than support an organization of underworked, overpaid, pampered prima-donnas acting like immature spoiled children.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying that these NFL players don't have a right to protest. In this free country they have every right to protest. It's just that these privileged, looked-up-to, emulated and revered cretins have nothing to complain about. If these overgrown children actually had to lay their lives on the line like so many of our real heroes, living and dead, then they might have something to protest. As it is they just don't know how good they have it — and I hope America takes away from them what they do have. They don't deserve it.

Roger Goodell and the NFL can go to the devil as far as I'm concerned!

Jim Kolousek


Contract Publishing

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