Councilor, business owner write to support Forest Grove operating levy, Ballot Measure 34-276

Operating levy would keep Forest Grove safe, livable

I am writing in support of Ballot Measure 34-276, the renewal of the operating levy for the city of Forest Grove. This measure allows for the continuation of the current levy for another five years. The tax rate will remain the same as the existing tax rate approved in the previous levy five years ago.

Funds from this levy will allow the city of Forest Grove to continue to provide police and fire service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It would also provide money for Parks and Recreation and the city library.

Let's keep our city safe and livable. Vote yes on Measure 34-276.

Rod Fuiten

Forest Grove

City services provide safety, security, enjoyment

There are few things we take for granted more than those services which we have come to rely on daily for our peace of mind and the normal activities in our lives. Often these services are simply out of sight and out of mind. Yet, the reality is we are dependent on the security and safety provided by the Forest Grove Police and Forest Grove Fire & Rescue for our well-being in times of emergency and crisis.

We are also blessed by the outstanding services and facilities of the Forest Grove City Library and the many parks throughout our town. The patrons of our library and parks come from all ages and backgrounds and enjoy the reading and outdoor activities they provide. Passing the proposed levy would ensure we can maintain these vital services at the same levels as we have had for the past five years.

Please join me in continuing to support these services by voting yes on Measure 34-276.

Timothy Rippe

Forest Grove City Council

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