Readers wonder about development issues in Forest Grove, like a new grocery store and strained services.

Waiting for specialty market in Forest Grove area

In November 2016, I had called New Seasons about my questions and they advised a letter. There was never any return contact from this letter's inquiry from New Seasons.

After reading the article ("Forest Grove staff prepare to recruit second grocery store") in the News-Times Dec. 13, 2017, by Jill Rehkopf Smith (now retired), I feel the need to contact you with my thoughts/concerns.

It is a shame that New Seasons and similar "specialty" businesses have yet to fully realize the potential in their stores in the Cornelius/Forest Grove area.

Thank you for yours and other efforts to help our area stay informed of development (as well the entire paper is awesome).

D. Karen Hogue, Forest Grove

Wondering whether local services will stay the same

I have lived in Forest Grove for over 40 years. This is a town that has exceptional public facilities/activities and also has enrichments offered by several community groups, i.e. Theatre in the Grove and Valley Art Association, as well as the many activities offered by Pacific University.

In the last couple of years there has been an extraordinary amount of construction taking place in Forest Grove. The Jesse Quinn complex on Pacific Avenue, large apartment complex being built on Hawthorne Street, as well as extra large apartments going in by Ace Hardware on Pacific Avenue. All of these apartments or condos will bring quite a population increase to Forest Grove.

Currently, our traffic has become congested and very slow on through streets through our town, putting additional challenges on our police, fire department, utilities and other city services. Average class sizes in our schools are already well over 30 students (this is all grades)! I was in a fifth-grade class a couple of years ago when the teacher got a call that she was getting yet another new student. The teacher's immediate concern was that they did not have an available chair for this student, let alone a desk! Has anyone from the city's planning department bothered to contact the school district to inform them that at least one new elementary school and perhaps additional upper-level school classrooms may be necessary for our city's current population expansion?

The City of Forest Grove welcomed additional tax dollars but lost sight of the quality of life that brought most of the current residents to Forest Grove. Many residents think of this town as a great family town. Now that all of the construction is currently well into development (afore mentioned sites, plus additional housing throughout town), does the city have plans to offer the same level of service that Forest Grove has been known to provide?

Marcia Alajoki, Forest Grove

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