Food for thought on this week of Thanksgiving from a Forest Grove writer and poet.

I go to an Episcopal Church

because a few years ago Mom needed a ride.

She started out Presbyterian.

I went to a Methodist Sunday school, but

as a teen gravitated to Taoism and Buddha

About that time Mom was enamored of Christian Science.

Her Mom, was a three times divorced,

four times married Roman Catholic.

That Grandpa was fourth generation Quaker.

Dad was a Church of England

choir boy.

His Dad, g.pa2, was something

called Bible Christian.

I gather that came into being due to

Some sort of rebellion,

(didn't they all)?

I married a Roman Catholic,

we raised our kids Lutheran.

Then tracked my family clear back to some

Jewish ancestors escaping to a better place.

(everybody's still doing it).

You'd think I'd be confused by all this,

but, bottom line, I found them so alike

in all that really matters.

I talked to some descendants who insisted,

"We're not related!"

But you see neighbor, we are.

You reach out far enough, and we are,

We really are.

Bev Walker is a Forest Grove resident.

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