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Readers express concern about racism in schools and the idea of ending birthright citizenship.

What students say about Idaho 'wall' incident

After displaying the photos of the Idaho teachers who dressed as "Mexicans" and the proposed border wall, my fourth/fifth-grade class expressed their negative thoughts and feelings with fervor. Their thoughts created inspired letters to the editor. I am very proud of their indignation. Below are some of their comments:

• "They are being racist and their costumes offend other cultures. ... They should be ashamed of themselves for being so racist and for what they are showing the kids at that school." - Trevor

• "Seeing the teachers from Heights Elementary dress up in those costumes makes me mad." - Christian

• "All of the teachers who dressed up as supposedly 'Mexicans' were supposed to be role models ... those teachers should be fired and not welcomed back to any schools." - Siddalee

• "Those teachers shouldn't dress up like Mexicans because I'm half Mexican. I think they should be fired because the kids in the school could be offended." - Stephanie

• "This makes me feel disappointed in those teachers because they are spreading hateful ... and hostile messages to their students." - Mikayla

• "This is disappointing. Teachers should be leaders, not racists. ... I'm so sad, I could cry. We are all different colors and we are all perfect the way we are. As a Mexican, I am so sad." - Isabella S.

• "What are the teachers teaching the kids by doing this? Maybe the kids should be teaching the teachers something." - Sophia

Amen to that.

Cindy Honma

Teacher, Eastwood Elementary School

An open letter to the people of the Portland metro area

It was nearly one year ago today that I announced I was running to serve on Metro Council for District 4 in north and west Washington County.

My life has completely transformed since then thanks to the amazing relationships and friendships made and strengthened on the campaign trail.

Inauguration is now only 40 days away, taking place on Jan. 7! I am so grateful for all the people who have believed in me throughout this journey, and I will work as hard as I can to make the people of our growing, diverse region proud.

When I begin work in January, I'll have the opportunity to join with my Council colleagues to begin investing voter-approved affordable housing resources, making true to our promise to voters to secure and build new housing for thousands of vulnerable people.

I will fight with every fiber in my body to help our region lead with a Climate Action plan that improves our resiliency, and drastically reduces our carbon footprint. We have to take a stronger stance on emissions and pollution — from our tailpipes to use of plastics.

I will be diligent to keep Metro accountable to taxpayers and our communities of color. I'll ensure that we are tracking and improving equity outcomes across every one of our service portfolios.

I believe we must increase our investment in work force training to fill the labor shortage gaps in the region as a tool to continue Washington County's robust economic growth. I will focus on policy that creates opportunity for economic prosperity for all.

I will fight to promote the best use of land in the region by encouraging density within the urban growth boundary and significant transportation investments along our region's key transit, commuter, and freight corridors. There is a balance to enhancing our quality of life, protecting our surrounding environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

I am very grateful to be in a position to make a difference for Oregonians.

Please let me know how I can be of service in my new role on Metro. I care deeply about your vision being reflected in our region's future.

Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Metro Councilor-Elect, District 4

Birthright citizenship is national heritage

The Donald Trump proposal (to end birthright citizenship in America) is outrageous, wrong. Change our Constitution? No! Families torn by war, battered by tyranny and dictatorships, starved in famines, risked all they had to come to the United States for this: the land of the free! Children, yet unborn, would be Americans! Every child needs a good start.

The 14th Amendment provided children of immigrants would be, by birthright, American citizens!

That dream is alive. Homes destroyed, possessions gone, lives at risk, families still give all for this: immigrant U.S.-born children will enter a world of freedom. They will be American! Whatever they do, wherever they go, whatever they accomplish, they will have that freedom for which parents risked their lives.

America has spawned hate-filled people seeking to end what these families live for. Judging by color, religion, nationality, political advantage, they deny newborns one right that cannot be taken: born free in a free land! Haters seek to deny citizenship to children whose parents don't "fit," to manipulate elections for personal gain, vile goals.

Was America ever truly free? Will we look back to see who we were? Who we have become?

Think well. Time to choose.

Anna Petrov, Aloha

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