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We got letters about global warming, the death of Gene Herb and President Donald Trump.

Climate skeptic says sunspots to blame for global warming

Referencing the Feb. 27, 2019, reader letter by Eric Canon, the statement made by Mr. Canon: "I learned a while ago that for a person to hold these views requires denial and political stridency such that no argument will dislodge," sounds like something he would include in his autobiography. He blindly mimics the "long on emotion, short on facts" reports of the news media.

I have statistical data going back 400 years that shows a direct correlation between Earth temperature and sunspot activity. The sun activity (solar flares) increase and decrease on an 11-year cycle. Each cycle occurs when the sun reverses its polarity. The 1755 to 1766 cycle was the first on record. The last three cycles numbers 22, 23 and 24, each show less sun activity than the previous cycle. This is one reason that climate realists are predicting a coming cooling period.

As an engineer, I accept statistical data as opposed to emotional opinion. Statistical data shows that the sun activity affects the climate temperature on Earth, not mankind, not carbon dioxide. [Ed.: The overwhelming consensus of the scientific community is that statistical data and other indicators show that human activity and atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, are significant contributors to climate change.]

If you want to know why there is so much false data on climate change, just follow the money. False information is being dispelled by government agencies because no grants or other money happens if there is no climate crisis.

Allan Vanderzanden


President Donald Trump is too friendly with despots

The spectacle of an American president fawning over brutal dictators, such as Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin and Mohammed Bin Salman, should be of grave concern not only to all of us in this country, but to everyone in the world. These leaders have shown nothing but contempt for human rights and the value of human life.

And why does President Trump excoriate our allies in democratic countries such as Canada, Germany, Britain and France?

Something is terribly wrong and all loyal Americans need to speak out against this. Are you listening, Republican Party?

David Pauli

Forest Grove

Local conservationist, volunteer will be missed

On behalf of the Fernhill Wetlands Council, we want to write a few words on the importance of the life of Gene Herb to all those who have enjoyed time walking the trails and seeing the birds at Fernhill Wetlands.

In 1991, Gene was the founding force in the creation of the Fernhill Wetlands Council, whose role is to enhance and protect the recreation value of Fernhill Wetlands and to help educate the public on the importance of this important resource for the City of Forest Grove. The Council began its work by developing the Barney Mitigation project, which resulted in the large wetlands at the north side of Fernhill Lake.

Gene's energy and devotion to Fernhill was exhibited in numerous ways, but none as important as his dedication to keeping the trails, especially along Dabblers Marsh, free of blackberries. It was Gene who was instrumental in securing the eagle's nest that today can be seen at Jackson Bottom.

Gene's quiet, yet crucial, leadership is much missed. Thank you, Gene for all you did. We miss you.

Victoria Lowe, President

Tom Beck, Secretary/Treasurer

Fernhill Wetlands Council

Will Green New Deal really help globally?

John Talberth and Daphne Wysham's recent Citizen's View on Oregon's need for a Green New Deal on climate ("Toward a Green New Deal that works for Oregon," Feb. 20, 2019), along with the article about the Oregon Legislature's 2019 cap-and-trade proposal, raises some questions:

Is there evidence that either of these proposals will actually affect Oregon's climate? If so, what is that evidence?

Has any impartial organization determined the projected costs and effects, both good and bad, of implementing the Green New Deal in Oregon?

It seems there could be unintended consequences, such as pollution moving to other states or overseas instead of being eliminated. How does a Green New Deal or cap-and-trade prevent these consequences?

Is it not true that climate change is a global problem? Can the efforts of individual cities or states by themselves have a meaningful effect on climate change? Or even the efforts of the United States as a whole? And even if the world by some miracle came together on this issue, who is going to police the world's emissions?

Ultimately, one must ask whether the enormous costs and uncertainty of the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions might be better spent on making accommodations for the climate change that is undoubtedly coming.

Ron Torland


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