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This week we received two letters, including one from the Oregon State Penitentiary.

Inmate says heartbeats not enough to determine life

Let's you and I nip the entire abortion argument in the bud!

Since hearts can be transplanted from body to body, a heartbeat does not determine that standard for life.

A formed palatte in the human brain cannot be transplanted ever. A baby's palate is formed in the third trimester. Therefore, a unique life is not established until then. A unique person is not there until something unique is grown.

A moving muscle, a heart, a lung, a liver, a kidney, can all be transplanted so their development doesn't determine a person. Only the mind does.

A baby's mind doesn't develope until the third trimester. You can fact check this with hard science.

If we don't leave women's bodies to them, we will never get laid again.

Just saying ... are they going to outlaw vasectomys next?

Andrew G. Moret, Hillsboro resident, inmate at Oregon State Penitentiary

Abortion isn't the problem, single-issue voters are

Friends and neighbors are being divided again, over an issue that is at once both national, and very local and personal. I'd like to suggest we step back and refocus. Let's talk, really talk. Let's work to effect real change, and to preserve our relationships.

Stop debating abortion! It's unwinnable, and it's not the real issue.

The abortion debate is solely about gaining votes. Analysts asked "what issue will cause voters to overlook all other issues and vote GOP?" Single-issue voters flip a vote. People who are ethically opposed to a dozen other parts of a politician's platform will vote for them due to one hot-button issue. The GOP is threatened by the progressive wave; they know many Trump voters would've voted Bernie and are now unhappy. That's the reason we're debating this now.

This also isn't about female suppression vs empowerment. We're here only because analysis showed this is the issue that will swing voters.

We know bans won't end abortion. We also know how to reduce abortion rates dramatically because we've done it, and could continue if that was really the goal.

Final proof? These laws are coming from states with the lowest education rates, record numbers in foster care, and so on - the real measures of valuing life are absent. Already one politician has been called out because he publicly supports banning abortion while privately asking his lover to end their pregnancy. A female governor supports ending abortion to 'save lives' while she executes yet another of her citizens. Sanctity of life is a false claim.

So — stop debating the right and wrong of abortion. Debate instead the dangers of single-issue voting. Debate the problem of choosing an emotionally charged platform for the purpose of winning votes rather than effecting change. And listen to one another's fears, support one another's concerns, and work to bring us together.

Corinna Tricarico, South Hillsboro

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