This week, readers said goodbye to the airshow and hello to a new Hillsboro School Board.

Good riddance to Hillsboro's air show

The movement of the Oregon International Air Show to McMinnville this year due to runway construction work at Hillsboro ("Oregon International Air Show lands in McMinnville," May 15, 2019) provides a opportunity to reconsider if the air show should return at all.

The intense noise during the air show weekend drives some residents to leave the city. Pets are often traumatized. Normal vehicle traffic is disrupted.

Unlike the business jets whose noise is an unavoidable byproduct of the economic activity they help generate, the air show noise is gratuitous and not fully compensated by the annual charitable funds raised by the show.

A ready replacement for the air show exists in the Airport Open House sponsored each year by the Port of Portland. This much smaller event could be expanded slightly with an emphasis on the current role of the airport as a major economic engine.

Our airport has grown and matured. Air shows no longer serve to introduce the public to aviation. I urge the city to carefully consider not bringing the show back in 2020.

Michael R. Gallagher, Hillsboro

Glad to have voted Kim for Hillsboro School Board

I was proud to vote for See Eun Kim for Position 4 on the Hillsboro School Board. See Eun has impressed me with her thoughtful ideas for the future of Hillsboro schools, her interest in the experiences of parents of students in a wide variety of schools across the district, and her list of endorsers that include those most invested in the success of all Hillsboro students regardless of neighborhood.

As a leader in our school's parent group, I can testify that See Eun is the only candidate who reached out to hear what our parents are concerned about. As an Hillsboro School District parent, I appreciate See Eun's integrated, creative, and nuanced approach to finding solutions. As an Oregon resident watching the state budget unfold, I value that those solutions will maximize the value of district investments while embracing families and students across the district.

Barbra Steinhurst, Hillsboro

Vote for Kim was best move for Hillsboro School District

It was with great pleasure that I cast my vote for See Eun Kim for Hillsboro School Board. I had the good luck to meet the candidate in person and was extremely impressed with her passion and excellent command of our local school issues. She has solid roots in the Hillsboro community and has already been doing her homework by attending School Board meetings, Her energy and ideas will be a great addition to the School Board.

The candidate opposing See Eun Kim was self-funded; he apparently lacks community support and presents himself as far less engaged with the issues. Research indicates that he has outlier partisan values demonstrated both by the values of those few who have endorsed him, and by his active engagement arguing against the established science of evolution in odd debates with teenagers.

I am proud to support the only candidate who is already engaging in community conversations and work to help our students and district.

Debby Garman, Hillsboro

Let's demonstrate our compassion for immigrants

Since federal agencies can't properly care for desperate people intercepted at our southern border, it's time for all compassionate Oregonians to help alleviate their plight.

Oregon is a sanctuary state, so if some of them are brought here while their cases are being adjudicated, they can rest assured they'll not be deported.

In my neighborhood, several homes have signs in their yards stating that "Immigrants and Refugees are Welcome."

These compassionate people might sponsor one or more unaccompanied children. They'd be with a loving family, they'd be safe and could attend school and learn English.

The state, counties and cities should expand subsidized housing for immigrant families, provide essential social services and help them find employment.

This would enable immigrants to become independent and successful citizens when their asylum claims are eventually approved.

Cultural and racial diversity makes America stronger and more just, so let's show America and the world how compassionate and generous Oregonians are.

Yes, these measures would cost some money, but please remember, the quality of mercy is never strained.

James Caster, Tigard

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