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This week, readers wanted to talk about potholes, GOP lawmakers and Forest Grove police.

Thanks, Portland, for all your potholes

Portland, thank you for letting me know about your pothole problem.

A few weeks ago during the bike portion of a local triathlon, I found one of your famous potholes at 25 mph. This caused my first bicycle incident since I was 6 years old. Two broken ribs, one broken scapula, a bruised lung, some deep scrapes and bruises, and two days in the hospital, plus the upcoming bike repair, remind me of how little care you have for your citizens.

You did close the road to traffic, thank you.

Will you take any responsibility for my hospital costs or the week of work I missed? Or the ongoing doctor's visits (more time away for work) or the physical therapy I hope to start in a few weeks?

Thank you for the city workers guarding some crossing lanes, and I think some police officers, too — we appreciate them. But the road should be clear to ride, as you are sanctioning its use.

Have to go now, I have to ice my shoulder and neck and wait for my hospital bills to start rolling in. Thanks, again.

Neil Czelder, Aloha

Abandoning her constituents

State Sen. Kim Thatcher was one of 11 Republicans who have been no-shows in the Senate chamber since June 20 as a protest against House Bill 2020 on the cap-and-trade program. [Ed.: This letter was received before Thatcher and eight other Republican senators returned to the Senate on Saturday, June 29.]

In other words, Ms. Thatcher would like to see longer, hotter and drier summers with less water to irrigate our crops, more intense and damaging wildfires, plus more cases of asthma and serious allergies, not to mention potential demise of razor clams, oysters and mussels, and more coastal flooding.

Or, she can do what she was elected and re-elected to do — actually represent her constituents by her presence in the State Capitol building. And how about some actual research, from polling of what her constituents really want, to the legitimate science and economics behind this forward-thinking bill.

Let's not be swayed by a few radical letters written by people with vested interests in the fossil fuel industry, determined not to lose a dime from their almighty bottom lines.

Ned J. Knight, Newberg

Forest Grove police really do need a new building

Recently, I'd read about a request from the Forest Grove Police Department asking for a new facility. So, on Saturday, June 22, 2019, I took advantage of an opportunity to tour the department building.

The tour was very informative, and it wasn't hard to see that their request is valid. Not only are the police and their staff really crunched for space, but they are not even safe in the current building. And, they have run out of storage space for files they are required to maintain for many years.

Forest Grove is growing and will need a functional, safe building for our police and staff. I believe most people do their best work when they are comfortable and safe. When this issue comes to your attention, I encourage you to wholly support it.

Anna Ingram, Forest Grove

Plastic waste is worse than a minor inconvenience

A gentleman wrote in to whine about losing his eggs because his paper grocery bag tore when he got it home ("Banning plastic bags costs more than broken eggs," letter to the editor published June 26, 2019).

There's a simple solution for that, sir. I've been using cloth bags for years. They last for years. They're cheap and easily obtainable. Most supermarkets have a rack of them. And just think, it'll save you that 5 cents for the paper bags every time you shop. You can even get insulated bags that will keep your cold things cold until you get them home.

I am proud of Hillsboro for banning the single-use plastic bags. Our planet is being suffocated by plastic. Our sea creatures are being slaughtered by plastic. I just read in The Oregonian that 40 tons of nets were retrieved from the trash pile in the middle of the Pacific. Caught in the netting were all forms of plastic trash — from lawn chairs to bottles and plastic bags, etc. That's just one expedition, costing $300,000. This was privately funded and run by volunteers. Apparently, the various governments around the world are indifferent to the problem.

We all have to adjust our attitude and do our best to eliminate the insidious presence of plastic in our lives and in the environment. Banning plastic bags is just a small, hopeful step toward solving the problem. I'd like to see a ban on plastic water and pop bottles next.

We also have to stop tossing our trash and leaving it for our streams and waterways to wash it away. Too many of us are slobs who expect somebody else to clean up after us.

Oregonians used to take pride in our beautiful state. Too many of us no longer have that attitude.

Theresa Verboort, Hillsboro

Oregon Senate shouldn't get to play by different rules

Thank you to Rev. Chuck Currie for speaking out in response to the actions of the Senate and especially Brian Boquist.

In any other place of employment, a statement such as was made by Mr. Boquist would have resulted in immediate termination. In any other place of employment, walking out of a job would have resulted in loss of said job.

Why are we allowing senators to get away with something that no other citizen would be allowed? We elected these senators to do a job, not to walk out when the going gets tough.

Let's hold them accountable. Legislators, please do your part to work together to restore justice and morality to Oregon.

Eileen Sleva, Hillsboro

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