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Celebrate 'traditional' marriage

It seems that our culture and the media are in a frenzy to celebrate the latest diverse sexual practice. I would like to suggest that we celebrate and affirm traditional marriage and the lifelong commitment that many make to one another. Let us have corporations fly the flag of traditional marriage; let the news media celebrate those couples who have achieved decades of marriage, and let our culture rejoice in those who find fulfillment in the biblical version of marriage.

After all, it wasn't that long ago that the citizens of Oregon approved an amendment (later nullified) to our constitution supporting marriage between a man and a woman.

Let's stop the harassment of those who support what is the foundation of our society and let us celebrate traditional marriage.

Charles Felton, Hillsboro

Barton continues culture of discrimination

I was not at all surprised to see that our very own district attorney, Kevin Barton, is in trouble with the Oregon Court of Appeals for removing a potential juror because of that juror's race.

Refer to our July 10, 2019, story about the Oregon Court of Appeals' rebuke of District Attorney Kevin Barton.

This is to be expected from the man who worked directly under Bob Hermann, Washington County's previous DA. Mr. Hermann's Washington County justice system was overly punitive, and he did little to curb racism within his ranks, for example when a deputy prosecutor posted racist rhetoric on Facebook to support her stance on racial profiling.

Mr. Hermann was guilty of other egregious abuses of his position of power, including jailing an indigent, intellectually impaired man for two and a half years despite the fact that this man committed no crime, and was never under suspicion of committing a crime.

The rhetoric of the election that put Mr. Barton in his current position was all about the unusual amount of money being poured into both side of the race. And somehow in the shuffle, Mr. Barton forgot to explain how he intends to do things differently than his predecessor. Thus, I am not surprised to see that things may not have changed in the District Attorney's Office at all.

I would like to say this to Mr. Barton: You might not think much of this incident, but Washington County voters will remember it. As an elected official, your job is to serve the people, and come next election, we will hold you accountable.

Sarah Moll, Hillsboro

More changes coming to AmberGlen Park

Thank you, Roseanne Lasater, for your letter to the editor ("Local parks should be kid-friendly," July 10, 2019). You raised a great question about why City of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Department staff are installing public art in AmberGlen Park. We love hearing from park patrons, even questions or comments about how we can do a better job!

Refer to Roseanne Lasatar's letter published July 10, 2019.

Roseanne, we appreciate your enthusiasm for AmberGlen Park, which is a recent addition to Hillsboro's parks system. The new Elemental Sequence concrete sculpture by artist Dann Nardi is a public art project paid for with designated public art funds. It will create a signature landmark that offers a poetic and contemplative place for people to sit, overlook the beautiful ponds, and watch the changing shadows on the artwork.

Kids will love the next part of the structure to be constructed: curving benches that will be great for little ones to walk on or play hide-and-seek behind. You can't see them yet, but they are on the way.

The AmberGlen neighborhood is growing, and it's our goal to enrich the park experience for you, your children, and all Hillsboro park patrons who love spending their precious free time outside. We hear your desire for a playground for children. Like the many amenities we've added at Hillsboro's other parks and gathering places, we plan to add new elements to AmberGlen Park in the future.

By the way, AmberGlen Park is hosting two of the free Showtime Summer Concerts on Aug. 15 and Aug. 22. And the new public artwork, Elemental Sequence, will be dedicated before the concert on Aug. 15 at 5:30 p.m., with youth dancers performing a dance inspired by the sculpture. We hope you can make it.

Again, thank you Roseanne for your input. Mostly, we appreciate you for being invested in the quality of our parks. Always feel free to reach out to me or our staff directly. We love serving Hillsboro.

Dave Miletich

Director, Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Department

Thank you, Capital Bureau, for your reporting

Thanks to the Pamplin Media Group Capital Bureau in Salem, which included three reporters from several news organizations in the state, citizens were able to read the best reporting on the legislative session in many years. [Ed.: The Oregon Capital Bureau is a partnership between the Pamplin Media Group, EO Media Group and Salem Reporter, each contributing a reporter to cover the state government and statewide issues.]

Reporters included Mark Miller, one of the editors of the Forest Grove News-Times and Hillsboro Tribune. Up-to-the-minute tweets from reporters enabled us to know what was happening in this chaotic session and contact our representatives and senators.

Great investment of staff and effort. Let's see more of this.

Sue Bliss, Hillsboro

Electroshock therapy isn't safe

I hope you and the public will hear me. I am a retired level one trauma nurse of many years trying to get media to address the cover ups and harm around the use of electroshock or ECT. It is being performed at an alarming rate and for many things. It has no Federal Drug Administration testing for either safety or effectiveness. This involves up to 450 volts to the brain and greater.

There are suits taking place around the devices that are now national. There are firms interviewing for medical malpractice, as every procedure has been proven in court to cause a traumatic brain injury similar to the NFL injuries. The same devices are still being used, and patients are not being warned. There are also two suits filed against the FDA, but all are silent to address secondary to a societal power structure, and we with psychiatric histories hold little credibility.

Doctors are culpable and are criminally failing in their duty to warn, protect and not cause harm. There are billions involved in the United States annually around this, and major media will not touch secondary to this. Being performed at leading institutions.

This is being used on our veterans, our children and also women in pregnancy. This is trauma, pure and simple, not help. A layman knows the truth of these outcomes that will come to light.

I hope the editor will print this to warn the public. Please see for more information. Thank you.

Deborah Schwartzkopff, McMinnville

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