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'If I were ever willing to vote for anybody who supported the massacre of our babies, I could not live with myself.'

Dear Mr. Mark Miller, editor:

When I finally got a chance to catch up on my back issues of the Tribune, over the holiday weekend, I am first of all grateful that you let us know about many issues pending in our state Legislature. This gives me a chance to communicate with my elected representatives and senators about them — so critical for a democracy.

Also, I'm glad to see you printing a variety of opinions in your Readers' Letters section. Even when I may really oppose someone else's ideas, it helps me to understand my community and my world better.

I need to respond to two back-to-back letters I found in the May 29, 2019, edition of the Hillsboro Tribune. To me, they represent very, very well the contorted and selfish thinking that many people resort to when they attempt to rationalize the horror of infanticide that they call "abortion."

When I was a child, I heard the word "abortion" in its correct, original usage: a miscarriage with a known cause. For example, growing up in the country, I knew many stock raisers. I heard them speak of certain diseases and genetic problems that could cause their cows to miscarry — to deliver their calves too soon. These were abortion diseases.

As I grew up, I began to hear the same word co-opted to try to disguise the terror of deliberately killing human babies before those children could be born naturally. As this became a national controversy, I remember signs that began appearing in the windows of homes in Seattle. The signs said: "This family knows that abortion is murder!"

A great many of us have not lost sight of that simple truth.

Sadly, others of us are still frantically trying to rationalize the truth away. I'm glad you did publish the two letters in your May 29 edition, that so openly show the twisted thinking involved. We need to face it for what it is.

Refer to letters by Andrew G. Moret and Corinna Tricarico published May 29, 2019.

For example, the first letter, from a man, attempts to subvert "science" to excuse a ridiculous collection of statements — statements designed to convince himself that human babies who have the same heart, liver, muscles, brain, etc., that he does aren't as human as he is (even though he obviously does not know how to use his "mind" rationally), and so it is somehow OK to kill the babies, but not him.

But, wait! This gentleman gives his real motives for all this nonsense away, when he states, finally, "If we don't leave women's bodies to them, we will never get laid again."

Or, in honest, plain English: "How could I ever convince women to have casual, irresponsible sex with me, unless both of us knew that those women could just have any children I father conveniently killed and disposed of afterwards?"

Holding our noses and moving on to the next letter, we see another classic attempt to not face the truth about the holocaust of legal infanticide in our midst. A woman tries to duck the whole thing by first labeling those of us who aren't willing to support the grisly murders of our children, grandchildren and neighbors as "single-issue voters" — as if that were a terrible thing. Really?

Tell me, sister, if a political candidate supported returning to legal slavery, or openly supported the Nazi Party, or the Ku Klux Klan, would you not vote for them, just because of that? But, but — what if they had some good ideas about improving the economy? Oh, so you're a one-issue voter, too? Hmm.

We all have our bottom line, don't we? I think we should. If I were ever willing to vote for anybody who supported the massacre of our babies, I could not live with myself.

Next, our good sister tries the scatter-gun approach of trying to change the subject to all of her objections about politics, or the conditions of life (in other, unrelated aspects) in the states where the government is finally trying to stop the slaughter of our innocents. And what has that got to do with it?

Those of us who have faced the truth of what all those nicer-sounding words like "abortion" and "choice" really mean are all over the political, religious and social spectrum. It doesn't matter what state we live in, or whether we are rich or poor, or what color we are; we have one thing in common: We have faced the shrieking horror of our American holocaust of infanticide, and we are doing whatever we can about it.

Look, my brother and sister: If any of your children, or grandchildren, have already died in that awful manner, we aren't here to blame you. Our Higher Power (however each of us understands that, or names it, or doesn't) isn't out to get you for it, either. You can be forgiven. You can quit hiding behind the ridiculous excuses and contorted thinking; face the truth; and finally learn to live with yourselves. We stand ready to support you. Some of us took a long time to face it, too. Join us in ending the holocaust.

Until we stop killing our babies, we can never expect anything else to go right for us, as individuals, as a nation and as a human species.

Chris Spalding is a Hillsboro resident.

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