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Readers share their thoughts on industrial noise pollution, pay-to-play in politics, and more.

Sleepless nights in Hillsboro

As a care giver for my wife of 61 years, this has been a terrible summer, and it's been going on to long.

On Sept. 3, at 3:30 a.m., I called the non-emergency number only to find out the City of Hillsboro granted Intel another permit to carry on early-morning industrial noise pollution, just another benefit to their tax breaks at the expense of raising ours. Hearing the sirens going off days and nights and the high-pitched sounds from the supply and exhaust fans is a good reason that their neighbors need a tax break too.

Carl Calkins, Hillsboro

President Trump works for free

President Donald Trump is not only the first president who was not a politician, but refuses to take a salary beyond a required $1 a year.

Unlike so many past presidents, such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who have turned the presidency into a path to millionaire status, Donald Trump was already a billionaire with no need to steal or cheat the people, or, for that matter, use the office as a popularity contest, but to the ire of the old-line politicians who take salaries and "huge expense" accounts, plus "paybacks" from lobbyists who work for business, unions and special interest groups. Sometimes the "payoffs" are in election campaign donations and even more often, in direct payments to politicians — or even banks that grant "lines of credit" or "business loans."

Trump is presenting a terrible example to career politicians whose life work is "being elected" and "profiting."

True, we have a "democratic representative" form of government, but we should be concerned who they really represent: themselves or their constituents. Think about this.

Bill Blankinship, Hillsboro

Excellent food cart food in Forest Grove

The growing food cart pod at 19th Avenue and Main Street is great part of the Forest Grove Main Street ambience. The new panini cart is a great addition to both the charcoal grill burger cart and the Mexican food cart, along with the famous Forest Grove Coffee Co. stand.

The area has a nice feel with plenty of parking and great quick service, and it will hopefully continue to expand. I heard a ramen stand may be coming to the pod, which will be a great addition to expand the food choices.

George Gunn, West Dairy Creek

'Patient Rights Act' doesn't protect patient rights at all

The Patient Rights Act, S.1993 now in Senate committee, will take away one's right to utilize a POLST/advance directive. S.1993 will force hospitals to push advanced technology (Full Code) from cradle to grave — even if a person is unwilling — or else the hospital won't receive federal dollars.

Advanced technology cannot fix the demented brain. Advanced technology can even bring on dementia, i.e., prolonged general anesthesia, ICU, etc. Without a functioning brain, living "good enough" becomes existing poorly. To force the frail elderly, especially demented, through unwanted surgeries and rehab is cruel.

• Say NO to becoming a "live donor" to fuel the medical system coffers.

• Say NO to being warehoused in a locked-down, notoriously understaffed (unsafe) facility at $92,000-plus a year.

• Say NO to ending up on Medicaid (63% of U.S. elders currently) with costs that could be passed on to your adult children as collateral once the Filial Recovery Act is activated (ready to launch in 34 states, Oregon included, when states no longer can afford the many elders on its rolls).

The Patient Rights Act is not compassion in action; it's greed. Please contact your senator now and say NO to S.1993.

Beverly Montgomery, Newberg

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