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Readers express their thoughts on election interference, sex education and more.

Maybe Trump did get foreign help — so what?

Every time I hear about Russian involvement in our 2016 elections, it makes me angry that not one acknowledges that the United States has a long history of meddling in other nations' political elections, especially including President Bill Clinton backing the election of Boris Yeltsin in the 1996 Russian elections.

All you have to do is check the history and you will find that the United States meddled in at least 81 elections just since 1995, and yet, I have not seen a newspaper that prints the truth of nations being involved in other nations' governments. After all, what were we doing in Vietnam? I was told that we were saving the Western Christian world from "godless communism" — was it all a lie? When we supported and financially involved in the end of the Soviet Union, and cheered when the "Wall came down" in Berlin, was that not meddling in foreign governments? Or is it all justified if it is us who is doing the meddling?

So, check the truth: President Donald Trump may have been backed by other nations, but the United States set the record of interfering before it became a partisan political "firestorm." Now we have another crisis because someone dared to condemn a Democrat politician of profiting from his office. Shame.

Bill Blankinship, Hillsboro

Poor planning makes traffic a headache

I'm wondering if anyone at Tigard City Hall knows how to use a Gantt chart.

First, we close a big chunk of Beef Bend Road for culvert work, redirecting the traffic to Bull Mountain Road. Then, while that closure is in effect, we close one-third of the east entrance to and one-third of the east exit from Bull Mountain Road. So, we have 50% more traffic funneling through one-third fewer lanes. That's just poor planning.

Those of us who commute through there know the light at Pacific Highway lowers the priority when only one lane is occupied, and we're seeing that now in the long lines.

This could have been handled much better.

Tim Roberts, Bull Mountain

Hillsboro School Board meeting an exercise in democracy

It was interesting to observe democracy in action on Tuesday evening, Sept. 24, at the Hillsboro School District Board meeting. The board gave an opportunity for people to comment on the proposed Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum plan. There were over 100 people present who opposed the plan and many articulated their reasons to the board.

The board allowed all who wished to speak to do so and listened patiently to them. The board members also had some pertinent questions for the presenter, Assistant Superintendent Travis Reiman.

It remains to be seen if the board will respond positively to the concerns of the parents or will follow the so-called experts on the subject of sexuality. Hopefully, the board will allow the parents to be the primary providers of their children's sexual education.

Charles Felton, Laurel

Thanks for brightening up downtown Forest Grove

Valley Art Association would like to give a great big "thank you" to everyone who participated in the 29th Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival on Saturday, Sept. 21.

During the event, 579 sidewalk squares were decorated and transformed our downtown into a 15-block art gallery. This was the highest number of participants we have ever had!

People from our community and all over the Portland metro area came to town to participate in the festival and view the amazing artwork being created before their eyes.

Great entertainment was provided by the Coin Club, Scott Pipe Band, The Grolixes, Pick 'N' a Bow, and Big Mama Gayle and her Sugar Daddies Band. Joe Mishkin provided exotic balloon creations, keeping those waiting in line amused with his funny stories and witty conversation.

The Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival could not take place without help from volunteers and the generosity of sponsors. The 2019 festival was sponsored by Woodfold Mfg. Inc.; Ballad Town Chiropractic Clinic; Pizza Schmizza; Miracle Signs; S2 Imaging; Artingales; Lisa Lloyd; Tualatin Creates; Friends of Historic Forest Grove Old Train Station Museum; Forest Grove Sandwich Shop, and two anonymous individuals. We had volunteers from Valley Art, Forest Grove High School, Waste Management of Oregon, as well as the City of Forest Grove Light and Power, Parks and Recreation and Street Departments. Vital funding was also provided by The Forest Grove Public Arts Commission and CEP Grants.

Thank you to all for keeping this great event going.

Roylene Read

Chair, Valley Art Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival

Don't feel hopeless in face of climate change

Events this past week — the Global Climate Strike, Greta Thunberg's address to the United Nations, and the latest UN climate change report — highlight the seriousness of the global climate crisis.

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the size of the problem. We think one person can't change things. However, your voice is powerful, and it's more important than ever to use it now.

I urge you to write, call, or visit your members of Congress and ask them to take bold climate action. Ask them to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a bill that would dramatically reduce emissions by putting a price on sources of carbon dioxide. The revenue would be returned to you and all Americans as a monthly equal dividend check. It would protect the poor and vulnerable and offset the higher consumer prices caused by the dividend.

We can and will tackle this issue together if you raise your voice.

Kirsten Meneghello, Raleigh Hills

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