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Letter-writers are upset with President Donald Trump, for one, and state Rep. Brad Witt, for another.

When it comes to Trump, turnabout is fair play

Just a thought regarding President Donald Trump's never ending Constitution violations, which have finally prompted the well-deserved impeachment inquiry.

Perhaps it's time to throw his very own vile and hateful words back at him: "Lock him up. Lock him up. Lock him up."

Lin Vanderzanden, Forest Grove

Time to fire Witt

There comes a time when enough is enough and you must cut ties. The time is way past due for Columbia County to cut ties with Democratic Rep. Brad Witt. [Ed.: Witt also represents portions of northern and western Washington County, as well as far northwestern Multnomah County.] I have just gone over Witt's voting record clear back to 2009 and encourage you to do the same; he has done absolutely nothing for the people of this county and needs to be fired in 2020.

The fact is, Witt seems to favor illegal invaders, criminals, nanny policies, public employee unions, legislation that violates your rights, killing jobs and businesses, and the disenfranchisement of voters instead of his employers — you.

Witt says he didn't vote for the cap-and-trade bill, but he neglects to tell you that he voted "no" five times on sending it to five different committees to slow it down or kill it. Hmm. Oh, and by the way, since Witt didn't vote for cap-and-trade, he now says he has a better cap-and-trade bill. Is that like a better communism? He's found a better way to steal and redistribute the fruits of our labor? 

Brad has been very vocal that he is a believer in the religion of global warming. He pretends to "not vote on cap-and-trade" when he thinks it benefits him.

The Legislature spit on the voters by passing driver licenses for illegal invaders that voters had already voted down twice; Witt did not vote for this, but he sponsored two bills in the past that did basically the same thing, the last one in 2018. Tactical.

Witt voted to steal your kicker. He voted "yes" on the job-killing hidden sales tax HB 3427. He voted "yes" on the forced vaccination bill that would destroy religious liberty. He voted to violate the Constitution and your rights by helping pass the law that would give our electoral votes to the national popular vote winner. Dangerous.

Witt runs around saying he is a hunter and pro-gun rights, but he voted "yes" on the confiscation expansion bill SB 4145, and I have audio of him wanting to pass illegal gun laws that covered several that were in SB 978, the dangerous anti-gun bill that would have made most law-abiding people of this state into felons. We only beat that one because the Republican senators walked out leaving no quorum.

Time to fire Witt. Brad does not represent you, he only represents himself. If you are a criminal, an illegal immigrant or a public union, he might go to bat for you. Witt is pro-big government, pro-voter suppression, anti-business, anti-gun rights, anti-religious liberty and anti-American.

Let's fire Witt in 2020 and replace him with Brian Stout, someone who will represent you, not himself.

Chris Brumbles, Deer Island

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