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Readers say pump the brakes on climate change alarm and impeaching President Donald Trump.

Don't panic about climate change

The "Citizen's View" opinion in your Oct. 9, 2019, edition makes a strong case for a class action lawsuit against the Portland Public Schools system.

This student has been grievously traumatized by some of her teachers, and administrative actions that removed all information challenging opinions that climate change is caused by humans and is a deadly threat to civilization. [Ed.: Climate change is caused by humans and is a deadly threat to civilization. This isn't opinion but scientific consensus.] As a result of this censorship, the "Chicken Little" panicked response by the PPS and some of its teachers to climate change is not tempered one whit, so the naive youngsters are terrified, to their emotional detriment.

Anika Pillai wrote, "... the adults aren't taking responsibility to save us." "I and my entire generation have to carry this burden of fear." And

"... we only have a very short time ..."

The PPS must provide professional counseling for all the children they have injured.

Refer to Anika Pillai's commentary, published Oct. 9, 2019.

The reality is that Oregon produces only 0.73% of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S., so even if we stopped all car, bus, train, truck and airplane travel and shut down all industry in our state, it would have no effect on climate change whatsoever.

We should emulate the French strategy for power production, where almost 75% of their power is generated by nuclear power plants, the only technology that produces carbon-free energy on demand, at any time, in surplus quantities, which wind and solar power cannot do. Their nuclear power is so cheap that they sell surplus power to other European countries, and they've had no nuclear accidents.

It's time for rational perspective, not panicked hyperbole.

James Caster, Tigard

Instead of impeaching Trump, Congress should legislate

The "Citizen's View" piece by Samuel Metz, published in the News-Times Oct. 2, 2019 edition, was excellent. Good job, Mr. Metz. I agree with you that the push by the Democratic Party to impeach the president is a bad idea.

Read Samuel Metz's Oct. 2, 2019, commentary on impeachment.

Rather than waste the time, effort, and money in this futile effort, if they want him replaced, they should do it through the ballot at the next election. Get on with the task of legislating! (How about a nice single-payer, nationalized health insurance program, for example?)

Harold Hutchison, Forest Grove

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